Apology was written here before.

I posted a sincere apology here last night. I did it, no matter how humiliating it was. But now I changed it. Because it was my only mistake, I said it and apologized. But when he accused me of other things, I couldn't accept it. Even though I admitted my mistake and tried to explain myself, he attacked it without giving me a chance. That's why I don't think he deserves an apology. You cannot change some traditional recipes. He accused me of fraud, even though I sent my mother's notebook. According to him, everyone is a liar.
By the way, I'm talking about HiveWatchersHelper. The other staff there are very nice and polite.

Oh, the banner below was stolen too. In fact, I myself am a complete copy. There are two of me 🤭

I met very nice people here. I love them. Please keep being a good person. Reduce the number of these malicious people.

I will continue to be here. 🥰

Good Day.

Thanks for supporting me..gif

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