My Hivewatchers blacklist. My apology to the Hive community.


Hello priority, I am ashamed to take part in this sad event and I guarantee it will not repeat.
There were some posts I added without specifying the source. I've never done this maliciously. I have been writing here for a long time, devoting time and effort, I love it here. But this wrong behavior that I did damaged my stance and character and damaged my work. My aim was never labor theft.

I am a person who attaches importance to honesty, labor, and I have attended many workers' rallies related to this in my country. I supported the labor protests. I never kept silent in the face of injustice.

I have endless respect and love for my own work here. And yet, the fact that a person like me got into such a situation hurt me deeply.
Not citing the quote I made in a few articles I wrote damaged my image. I am very sorry .. I am never such a person. First of all, I apologize to myself, I shouldn't have fallen into this situation. But the fault is for us humans! The important thing is to be able to notice and compensate.

I also apologize to the community. I wouldn't want to meet you like this.
I ask you not to stop supporting me on this path I walk. I request your guidance and assistance. I am very new on this path, my goal is to move forward with firm steps, I hope you will forgive and support me. And I wish to come together for better purposes.

Stay with love!

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