Regarding Hivewatchers and Spaminator

It is not appropriate to troll Hive accounts on Twitter with anti-Hivewatchers messages.

Making Tweets about Hive un-shareable does nothing to Hivewatchers. What it does is limit all of our ability to showcase Hive.


I've said this before: Hivewatchers and Spaminator will treat all people equally. That means just because someone is better off than someone else, someone's mastery of English is better, someone is more connected and has more friends, more followers, more of whatever it is they have, they will not get special privileges. Everyone on this planet is a human being of equal importance. Whether they are from Lagos, Caracas, Paris, Toledo, or Riga.

Just because someone is better at expressing themselves or more likable does not mean that we will bend over for them and somehow assume they can do no wrong. Remember, it is the very "friends" and followers of the account in question that let us know about it.

Back in the days of Steemit Inc (and before I took over Spaminator) we had an issue with manipulation. Steemit Inc had some users it preferred and some that were hated. Those users and their buddies got special treatment, were 'let go', were allowed to do what they wanted. Most of these people are no longer here. Why? Well, they were scammers and when the Steemit Inc tit dried up so did their interest. Some of their friends still remain and for the most part those individuals had no idea that the reason they were always 'untouchable' was because of this type of manipulation.

Public outrage and threats have no impact. If they did, we'd be corrupt. How can you trust someone who changes their attitude based on let's say a threat to get their witness unvoted? Who would even vote for a witness that bows down to threats? We survived a hostile takeover. Do you really think that a witness that fought for decentralization will be manipulated? You have to have integrity and stand firm on what's right, not follow an easy dollar and betray Hive. If I caught myself thinking "I should just 'sweep this under the rug' for so and so and I can move up in the ranks" then I should just kick my own ass out of Hive. That'd be fucked. Mafia-level fucked. We don't play that kind of shit.

A few misconceptions and corrections:

  • Spaminator was rearranged a year ago. The Spaminator account does a tiny dust warning vote to warn people and get them to take a look at what's going on. It no longer removes all of the funds. The account that comes after it after 7 days is Adm but that changes.

  • Spaminator is not an artificial intelligence bot. It is a decentralized bot with manual input. It has a sizable framework, uses two servers, and streams the blockchain as a node would. When it stops, it needs to replay and catch up.

  • How do we deal with malicious reports? We catch most of them and discard them. We don't process reports where we can tell the user was reported because someone simply didn't like them.

  • We spend a lot of time on due-diligence and investigations. In that, we untangle massive botnets of exploitative accounts. The largest one is approximately 30k accounts.

  • When a person asks for help on the Hivewatchers discord we make a genuine effort to help them. We will point them to resources where possible and very often we go out of our way to help them succeed. Everyone gets a chance.

  • However, people who lie, manipulate, defraud their supporters, throw death threats around, and so on, end up on a permanent list. After one or two successful appeals, the listing is permanent. It used to be just one. Now we're more flexible.

  • Users have the option of ignoring Hivewatchers and Spaminator comments and downvotes. No one is mandated to do anything but in doing that, the users accept the fact that there will be downvotes.

  • Phishing always takes precedence over anything else. Even if the account is on the list ten times over we will still spend hours helping that person recover control over it.

  • Spaminator operates with a DHF proposal and without. The proposals help offset the costs but the bot will still run. The Hivewatchers site will still be up just the same. I'm not going to threaten Hive to fund it or lose Spaminator.

  • American politics have no influence on Hivewatchers or Spaminator. I haven't even been to the States in half a decade.

Changes and feedback:

We welcome feedback. Anytime I write something personally I want feedback and I want you to read it and say whatever you want to say. Same with everyone else. No one wants to work on shit to just let it fly by and get no feedback. All jobs have performance reviews.

But like I said at the beginning of this post, that feedback better not be to treat some people 'more special' than others. We are a decentralized community that is global. All members of this community are important.

If I don't reply to feedback right away, chances are I'm working on something for all of Hive. For example, the StealthEX AMA we just had which went very well. Just message me or reply to one of my posts so I see it. You can also always reach me by tagging in the Hivewatchers discord.

This post is NOT about any one person. Everything said keeps coming up again and again in general. No one reading this is the first to spam up Hive social media or will be the last. And same with everything else mentioned. And keep in mind, many of those who had to deal with Hivewatchers and Spaminator become our greatest supporters. General Semantics.


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