Important change - Limited votes per week


Please be aware that we changed daily limit on Fanbase to weekly limit with the default value of 2.

This means you will upvote the author only 2 times in a week. (curation trails are not affected)

This option is changed for everyone to 2 votes per week. Let's see what happens.

You can manually change this option.

We are open to suggestions about

The reason behind this decision:

There are complaints about auto-voting around the hive and with the previous configurations, users had to vote at least once per day but now they can limit votes per week. So we hope this new setting will help to reduce auto-voting a little bit.

There will be troubles for our users to reconfigure their settings. Some of the configurations were unchanged for 3 years.

Sorry for any possible trouble you got but it's good to poke our users to revisit some settings after 3 years.

Now both "daily limit" and "weekly limit" options are available.

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Just updated fanbase settings. Now you can easily select multiple authors and change daily or weekly limits for all of them by one click.


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