Recap of HIVE Twitter Shilling by freecrypto , DATED : 18th September , Hive Twitter Marketing campaign ( 10 tweets in a day for hive)

1)"No matter how much tired you're, no matter if you work 12 hours instead of 8 hours in a day, no matter how much busy you're not losing the $hive #crypto #shilling consis9is what matters the most you have to keep going along with your #hive shilling"
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2)"You never get tired , it's your mind which keeps insisting you to make you feel like you're tired but you actually are not I make sure to not to feel tired in any condition until and unless I complete my $hive #crypto shilling for the day #hive tweets are important"
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3)"I developed the habit of Saying No to give up feeling , I never ever gonna give up on my $hive #crypto hustle no matter whatever the current circumstances are I will keep going with my #hive shilling in each and every condition and situation that's what it's all about"
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4)"Give yourself 6 months and for the next 6 months keep consistently focusing on $hive hustle , Tweets for #hive on each and every day without missing out more than 2 days in a week and you will start seeing positive growth in your lifestyle"
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5)"My way of living is $hive , my day goes incomplete without tweeting out for #hive even if I miss pit some day I dont feel good at that day but on the next day I di my comeback again with #hive #crypto"
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6)"If $hive #crypto is important for you , you can cross any limits for it , you will start challenging your limits so that you can go everyday along with your #hive hustle if you are crazy for #hive is important for you remember that"
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7)"Tweeting for $hive is not less than posting for #hive on #blockchain both are important part of your #hive #crypto hustle amd on both you have to hustle dedicately then only you can consider yourself a true shiller"
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8)"$hive is not less than #bitcoin , Why!! Because

  1. #hive is everyone's #bitcoin
  2. #hive is freedom of #crypto
  3. $Hive is a way of providing bread and butter to innumerous people
  4. #hive gives opportunities to everyone
  5. $hive is not partial"
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9)"Did you know there's a #crypto out there where you can be a part of it with 0 investment and that is none other than $hive , The only criteria is you have to hustle dedicately and shill damn hardly for #hive if you think you're capable enough you're free to join"
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10)"I'm no one to judge your $hive hustling way , Each and everyone's #hive hustling is important in their own unique ways no one knows you're inspiring to whom to join the #hive train so keep on going with your #hive tweets no matter what!!"
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