Recap of HIVE Twitter Shilling by freecrypto , DATED : 12th September , Hive Twitter Marketing campaign ( 10 tweets in a day for hive)

1)"Once you had started remember there's no way to back out , you just cant give up in between , I had never gave up in between my $hive hustle , I'm still going too much strongly with my #hive shilling and no matter what I'm not going to stop in any condition #crypto"
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2)"The $hive shilling is inevitable as I keep saying this very oftenly and honestly it I'd, there's no end of it , The more you do , thr more you need to keep doing it , You just cant stop with your #hive shilling at any time , it should happen on daily basis"
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3)"The everyday consistency is back from once in every 3 days , Now I wont be losing this everyday consistency $hive shilling no matter how much tired or fucked up I'm, I will make sure to post everyday some amount of tweets for our #hive #crypto"
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4)"I don't give a fuck to what's going on in any other #crypto community I just care about $Hive #crypto because I believe that's the most important part of the whole crypto community and no one can harm or destroy it , #hive is immortal"
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5)"Why I believe $hive is immortal in 5 sentences

  1. no one can harm #hive #crypto
  2. no one can regulate $hive
  3. no one can control #hive
  4. no one can put their dominance on #hive
  5. no one is the powerful on #hive except the whole community"
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6)"Patience is the whole game on #crypto and when it comes to $hive along with patience you need the hustling power too because each and everytime you push for #hive #crypto the $hive keeps getting more stronger and stronger , That's what the game is about"
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7)"There's no rule to follow when it's about $hive #crypto shilling, you can do it in your own creative way but all you need is to be as disciplined and as consistent as you can for #hive without being disciplined there's no reward on Hive"
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8)"I'm not married but this tweet is for all the married couples and especially for those married couples who have kids with them , make sure when your kids reaches or crosses the age of 10 start educating them about $hive #crypto so that your kid won't struggle like you #hive"
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9)"There's not even a single day when $hive #crypto dreams wont hit me , each and everyday I keep dreaming something new about #hive and all what I want is to make sure that I hustle so hard that achieving those dreams should turn into reality"
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10)"You cant be at bottom and if you in case then you just can't blame yourself or your ancestors make sure to hustle so hard that achieving new highs should be a cup of tea for you $hive #crypto might helps you a lot in it , do give it a check #hive"
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