HiveTips - "A real world use case for HIVE & HBD in a real world market."

Intro & General Description of HiveTips

What Is HiveTips?

The name says it all = Tipping with HIVE.

However, not only on UI's that are integrating Hive, but instead, all over the internet!

Is the idea of making HIVE mainstream possible?
HiveTips has proven that it is possible!

Hive is ALIVE!


Tipping as a means of sharing rewards has been a normal means of rewarding others since the dawn of trade. Gratuities/Tipping are very personal and a true to life sincere gesture of appreciation. In fact it was one of the very first real life use cases of Bitcoin (BTC).

What The Crypto Media Thinks & Says about Tipping with Crypto:

Rather than us say anything about this, here it is, direct from the sources.

There have been numerous articles written about the potential of tipping:

"The ‘tip’ of the iceberg”

”While cryptocurrency still looks for a place to achieve scale and mainstream adoption tipping could be the one area that it can take a foothold. It has been neglected by centralised services and is by no means a monopoly at this point.”

”I think that the growing need for independent, unbiased content and the tipping trend can be combined with cryptocurrency and could be the springboard the sector never wanted but needs to become a viable mainstream trading medium."

Source: Hackernoon
Will digital tipping become cryptocurrencies first real-world use case?

"If micropayments do catch on, it will probably develop from online tipping. Some of that already exists, but it’s sparse and uncoordinated."

Source: Coindesk
The Tipping Point of Bitcoin Micropayments

Online tipping statistics are now being accumulated and followed, as the numbers and frequencies of tips rise:

i.e. Average single amount of tips given by teenagers when watching live streaming contents in China as of 3rd quarter of 2019, by price level

Note: There are many more from where those three articles came from, but these should suffice in making the point.

HiveTips makes everything these articles talk about = REALITY!

The best thing about HiveTips is that it promotes the idea of ‘tokenizing the internet’. It also encompasses the fundamental need for networking. No ‘exclusivity’, but real, down to the core, interconnecting platforms and the people on those platforms. So not only does HiveTips fulfill all the criteria of decentralization, it also fulfills the criteria of decentralization. Let's take a look at the platforms that HiveTips is currently helping make greater with Hive (and HIVE):
There are also ‘Direct Tips’ available. Hang on, what does that mean? HiveTips is helping to open peoples’ eyes to the potential that Hive has to offer with its ‘Fast & Free’ transactions. Being able to tip a person with a Hive account, for anything on the internet, is an added bonus. HiveTips is FREE, in that there is no skimming off of the top of any transactions. It is 100% in line with the idea that sets Hive apart from many, if not most of the ecosystems out there in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The goals do not stop there, now that we have HiveTips working on the above listed platforms, the plan is to expand it all over the internet. On gaming sites & platforms, other social networks in fact, anywhere where people hang out and contribute with their content. Which potentially is unlimited as the diversity of offers on the internet keeps growing daily.

The sky is the limit.

As you can see, we did all the work, took all the risks and made it happen. From idea, to a reality. Contributing to the wealth of opportunities Hive has to offer everyone on the internet. We are, in a way, leading by example and deeds. We know that there are many other potential projects out there that people would love to make come to life and we believe that this is the way to go about it. After all, this is a business environment that we are in. Every aspect of crypto is competitive, as it is on the open market. We are ‘walking the walk’, as that old saying goes. Let's now get into the primary goals behind this project and discuss them, shall we?
* Decentralization
* Tokenizing The Web
* Diversity


People often toss this term around casually. What HiveTips achieves in this field is something that literally takes Hive and HIVE (our cryptocurrency) to the world. There is no ‘centralization’ of Hive. Instead of insisting that the entire world conform to what others want from them, or limit them in any way, we are mainstreaming HIVE by making it a norm to their routine, daily life, and ever increasing time spent on the internet.

Tokenizing The Web

With #hivetips, we have added a new way to do just that! In this first phase, we have fully integrated with #twitter, #youtube, #gmail, employed Direct tipping and yes, have added both and PeakD. Yes, you read that right, HIVE, the cryptocurrency, is now on all of those platforms. We have made possible, what many other blockchain/cryptocurrency endeavours are only dreaming about. Please watch these comprehensive videos by our developer - @lightproject.
Comprehensive Video Series on HiveTips


We truly want to make Hive great and nurture it to become the premiere blockchain. By giving people multiple user friendly means to harness Hive, and by bridging some of the long gaps between other social media platforms and community websites, we believe that diversity will help take Hive and HIVE coins together with it, to the mainstream. With over 4.5 Billion people using the internet, HiveTips will be a valuable tool for reaching out to many of them. The more sites/platforms HIVE can be utilized on via HiveTips, the more of these 4.5 Billion people will have an opportunity to ask "What is Hive?" - and that is the name of the game. We can't realistically expect to reach out to every single individual immediately, but over time, Hive will be heard of and utilized all over the internet and a lot of that will be thanks to HiveTips. That is a very realistic premise.
Relevant Posts/Articles:


Technical overview

by @lightproject

Technical Intro

HiveTips has been developed to avoid Single Point of Failure (SPOF) under an agile Feature Driven Development (FDD) framework. The project is composed of different blocks which make possible tipping on several social media platforms. Each HiveTips module runs independently. By adopting a modular approach, in case a service goes down due to a technical issue, the continuity of the rest of the services will be guaranteed.
  • Collection is a subdivision of a non-relational database.
The transactional "source of truth" will always be the blockchain. There is no middle data manipulation. HiveTips ultimate source of transactional data is the HIVE blockchain ledger.

Note: Databases might be used in order to improve read performance.


Menu Features



Provides the user a general overview of his social media linked accounts in hivetips.



Preferred Tip Amount: handy configuration feature that sets a predefined tip amount in all different compatible platforms.
Allow Notifications? Enables/disables incoming Tips browser notifications
Change rpc node: lets the user decide the hive rpc node
Slider settings: enables setting the bar upper and lower limits



Service dialog popup takes the form of a web carousel where credentials are to be provided.

Direct Tip


User interface for Direct Tipping compatible for peakd and

Gmail Tip


User interface for gmail tipping including tip recipient gmail account input field.

Development Principles

  • Modularity in design: Each social media implementation is a separated repository.
  • Modularity in operations: Each social media implementation runs on a dedicated server.
  • Privacy responsible: user authentication tokens are only stored encrypted in the database.
  • Quality by Design (QbD): Customer-focused optimization.
  • Blockchain driven: the App considers the blockchain as the "single source of truth (SSOT)"

Quality Assurance

Following measures have been undertaken in order to prevent mistakes and defects while developing or updating existing software:


A code quality tool, identifies and report on patterns found JavaScript code.

  • Software: ESlint
  • Patterns style and rules: Airbnb
GIT version control good practises
  • Clean, single-purpose commits
  • meaningful commit messages
  • Commit early, commit often
Staging environment
A staging environment (stage) is a nearly exact replica of a production environment for software testing. Staging environments are made to test codes, builds, and updates to ensure quality under a production-like environment before application deployment.

Quality Control

Testing environment

A testing environment is a setup of software and hardware for the testing teams to execute test cases.

Technological stack

  • Backend: nodejs
  • Frontend Framework: vuejs
  • Database: mongodb
  • DB modelling engine: mongoose

Periodic activities & Service maintenance

HiveTips will perform a daily refunding round (at a fixed time). Each unclaimed tip older than 30 days will be sent back to the tipper.

Tokenizing The Internet With HIVE.

For more details about this and other related products/services:


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