#HiveTestimony - Testimonial Initiative

Hey Hivers!

Every day I am contacted by a lot of users with ideas for Hive. It is nice to see so many people excited about the future of Hive! I would like to thank Hiver @clivemartin for the idea of this initiative!

Today I want to invite everyone to share their testimony about Hive. Your stories can help us motivate and inspire future Hivers!


To participate:

  • Write a full post sharing your Hive Testimony. You can also make a video and upload it to @threespeak.
  • Share your post on Twitter and use the hashtags #hive #hivetestimony #posh and any other hashtag that it is related to your post. Sign up here /@acidyo/posh-info-and-faq to receive extra POSH tokens!
  • On your Hive post or Video include the tag #hivetestimony.
  • Put your HIVE links into a comment. Twitter is shadowbanning some Hive links and all 3speak links, but if you put in your comment section it won't shadowban your tweet.
  • When making a video, upload a short clip of it to Twitter as a teaser, and put the link in a comment under the Tweet. Videos get a lot more views if uploaded directly to Twitter, and to see the rest they will need to go to your 3speak profile.

You can be as creative as possible, for example, you can share how you found out about Hive, your struggles, your first impressions and how you share your passions and your talents. Most importantly share how you feel right now as a member of the Hive community.

This is not only for positive stories of Hive, please share any bad experiences you’ve had, and please also share a recommendation (constructive criticism) on ways Hive developers could remedy the challenges you may have faced.

The top 10 testimonials will receive 100% upvotes. Videos uploaded to 3Speak will be eligible to receive up to 10 100% votes from the @threespeak account as well!

Shout out to @stateofthedapps for helping curate this event!

COMMUNITY LEADERS please translate this initiative into your language for your community and we will get with you for your help in curation.

Have ideas for future initiatives? Reach out to @eddiespino (eddiespino#1698 on Discord) to let him know your ideas and he will relay them to me.

Be sure to follow @hiveangelists for future initiatives.

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