#MyHiveGoals - July Weekly Report + Goals!


I missed posting my update yesterday on the start of the month as I got side tracked and completely forgot but we've had another great week here on Hive, we're up around +30 HP this week which is great, would definitely be more if I kept my post pay-outs to 100% but for a while its been 50-50 between HP and HBD.

I've been awaiting a moment in the market I can capitalise on Hive, the price has steadily been going down since we saw massive spikes in the price during the week, still higher than when I should've bought instead of questioning myself but oh well! Hopefully I can shift this HBD into Hive soon sub 0.40 mark

on the curation side I've seen more or less the same returns as previous weeks. I'm hoping once I push higher towards the 1,000HP mark I will see myself averaging more towards the 0.3 range.


Token Holding Update-

I include my diesel pool liquidity in these holdings for anyone wondering! so some coins may fluctuate a tad more than others.

TokenPrevious WeekCurrent WeekEarned
Hive Power775.892822.625+ 46.733
Hive146.052146.842+ 0.79
HBD117.889133.207+ 15.318
LEO189.113207.91+ 18.797
ONEUP9,050.9849,652.386+ 601.402
BXT25.07625.73+ 0.654
BEE125.265125.265+ 6.667
PIZZA1,235.741,265.78+ 30.04
LOLZ1,240.551,240.55+ 62.285
PGM108.436170.443+ 62.007
CENT1,332.351,479.633+ 147.283
CTP249.804256.629+ 6.825
POB177.287177.287+ 23
SPT2,444.5002,444.500- 24.92959
SPS708.002739.308+ 31.306
DEC42,861.32544,755.913+ 1,894.588
VYB229.072294.190+ 65.118
WEED417.014417.014+ 64.747

I've been trying to stack as much DEC as I can from spare tokens while the SPS airdrop is coming to an end, I'm pushing around 3+ SPS a day, not much in terms of earnings but I have a hope the token will increase in value when more use-cases come into Splinterlands, so I'm aiming to hit at least 1,000 eventually. Might have to put some market buys in while its 5 cent each.

Almost close to 10,000 total ONEUP also! Big milestones, not sure what to do still with my liquid ONEUP, ideally was waiting for a good liquidity pool to join but I haven't seen much to interest me recently so until then I'm just stacking it.

PGM is a great tipping token, I find its function to be quite nice. Stacking small amounts of other tokens for games here on Hive, with more games building hopefully we can see PGM dish out a tonne of tokens each command one day. - I'm aiming to push to 500.00 PGM through commenters on my posts/author rewards, 62 increase this week is quite a healthy amount, still a while off 500 but the more I stake the easier it should become!


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