Starting it Right: Cebu’s 1st OCD On-boarding Seminar for Hive!

Why an On-boarding Seminar?

As a dedicated advocate of Hive- an innovative, decentralized blockchain and ecosystem where people earn from sharing valuable insights through the Hive Blockchain, I made it a point to convene this year’s on-boarding seminar for newbies in the platform. This is despite the odds and challenges of having to organise a gathering of people during the pandemic.

As luck would have it, I was able to collaborate with a friend of mine whom I introduced to Hive cryptocurrency and blockchain to use her coffee shop, R &R Urban Café, as our venue since most businesses in town doesn’t accept social gatherings. Weeks before the event, I got rather busy preparing the presentations, the souvenir kits, and trying to make people commit to the event date. Am glad @ybanezkim26 and @indayclara helped me prepare the overall program flow for the day. With @indayclara’s experience in public speaking, she made the program flow more organized.


The goal of the seminar had been fairly simple. It was (1) to introduce to talented people in Cebu how the Hive platform is the perfect space for them to explore their creative minds, (2) to show them the creative and financial benefits and demands of using the platform, (3) and finally to guide them step by step in developing their own personal pages.


All thanks to @gerel, @ybanezkim26, and @indayclara, for assisting me from the preparations down to the actual on-boarding seminar last Saturday, July 3, 2021. Also to @thegaillery and @chillwithshanna who were also very supportive in assisting the new onboarded members.

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The On-boarding Seminar

Ther were nine (9) participants, comprised mostly of travellers, bloggers, and young social media users.

@indayclara , @ybanezkim26, and @thegaillery (OCD’s curators) first shared their first-hand hive experience, which was proven an inspiration that Hive could be a digital financial asset and a new trend of freelance that could perhaps change the way we earn money online.

@ybanezkim26 sharing his journey on Hive

After my hour-long input, which covered inputs about peakd,, actifit, engrave, Hive wallet screenshot, hive engine, witnesses, different passwords, and OCD’s onboarding program, the Q & A portion that followed surprisingly covered only some technical guide in setting up accounts and on-boarding. This only shows that we have managed to convey clearly the benefits of Hive.
Perks and Fun at R&R Urban Café


After a productive and informational seminar, we culminated with a brief fellowship by sharing R&R Café’s new sumptuous dishes and refreshments.


We kicked it off with the Giveaways and Souvenir Kits that I prepared for the participants and OCD Cebu members. All participants received customized tote bags and alcohol bottle sprays. I surprised the OCD Cebu members with customized ocd shirts as a token of appreciation. Lastly, the winner of the 1,000 pesos giveaway was drawn.

New Image.jpg

After sharing a good laugh and smile while distributing the tokens I prepared for the participants, we then resumed sharing R&R Café’s hearty dishes, which are actually new offerings on their menu. This makes us the first to taste them. Everyone had a great time taking photos of the picturesque dishes, which I’m quite sure, will appear soon in the posts of the newly on-boarded bloggers in attendance.

People behind the Success of this event

I can humbly say that this was a successful event for everyone because we all contributed our time and I am grateful for these people. I know how people can get busy with their personal and professional life but yet they set time aside for this event. Especially to @ybanezkim26, @indayclara, @thegaillery, @chillwithshanna who showed that kind of dedication in Hive. It was an honor to be with these amazing people.

To @enrique89, @samgiset, and @eddiespino who worked on the Hive slideshow presentation, from the graphics to the whole concept of the presentation, a real professional work. It was so far the best Hive presentations I have ever seen! I am so happy and thankful to @bighungrypanda for recommending them to me. Follow them on check out their work on Instagram @ "hiveblocks" is the username.

Also, @aussieninja did a lot of research for different topics, that I could add share during the presentation.

This event would have not been more fun if not for @gerel’s effort. She was the one preparing all the giveaways, designing printing some posters. She was constantly checking on my to-do list for the seminar and keep reminding me to stay focus.

To my friend who's co-owner of R&R Urban cafe, and her staff for being so accommodating and for providing us a wonderful service and preparing us the scrumptious food.

Lastly, to @acidyo & @OCD community who had been very supportive of this event and to everyone that invited to Hive.

What’s Next after the Seminar?

In the long term, my personal goal as a seminar convener had always been to establish a sustainable Cebu Hive Bloggers Club. This way we could each present ourselves to businesses in Cebu as freelance digital media marketers who write reviews and feedbacks about their products and services for free.

I personally was able to get discounts and perks in my travels and food trips whenever I introduce myself as a blogger for Hive. And in the seminar, I shared how this prospect could be true to all of us members of hive, if only we work hard to develop our profiles and value in the platform.
Overall, I reminded everyone to be kind to every new member. I personally know that it takes time to build a reputable profile in this competitive and value-demanding platform.

For now, knowledge-sharing and collaboration should be the immediate goal. It is both enriching and inspiring to see first-hand how new hive users excel in developing their profiles and making a mark in hive.


Until the Next On-boarding Seminar from your PurePinay Seminar Convenor!

Guest NameHive Username
Mie Sel@itsmiessyonpeakd
Shan Tai@chillwithshanna
Gerel - Materilas/Event Coordinator@gerel
Claire - Emcee/ Guest Speaker@indayclara
Gail Abad - Guest Speaker@thegaillery
Kim - Guest Speaker@ybanezkim26

@sassycebuana, and @jongcl recently posted their introduction post, please help me welcome them to Hive! ;)

Materials used:

Hive Slideshow Presentation 1: @enrique89, @samgiset, and @eddiespino
Hive Slideshow Presentation 2: Made by me with the help of @aussieninja
Projector & Screen Rental: Mags & Gigi on Fb maket place
Tarpaulin and t-shirt customized printing: @gerel's online shopee and Fb shop


Venue: R&R Urban Cafe, Cebu

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