Let's Help Ma'am Franjhielyn as She Fights for her Life


Ma'am Franjhielyn Golvin is suffering from Breast Cancer Stage 4 and needs to undergo Palliative Chemotherapy as soon as possible. Her will to live thinking that her daughter is still young and her family needs her is very strong.

Maam Franjhielyn is a teacher at Boljoon NHS in Boljoon, South of Cebu, Philippines. Her dedication to the teaching profession and her ability to deliver good results make her the nominee of Boljoon NHS to Boljoon Secondary School district for Most Outstanding Teacher for SY 2020-2021. She is consistently the Top1 in District Evaluations for many years. She served as the school's Guidance Counselor for many years on top of her being a class adviser.

Late last year she was finally allowed to go see a doctor and undergo the needed laboratories. This is when she found out about her condition: she has breast cancer.

During this past year and the few visits she was allowed to take into the city due to covid-19 restrictions she found out that it has grown to stage 4.

Ma'am Franjhielyn was raised by a single mother and she doesn't have siblings to help her and her husband cope with this kind of situation.

Chemotherapy is very expensive, and Ma'am Franjhielyn's family cannot afford it all on their own. She needs at least 250,000.00 for the first few sessions of her palliative chemotherapy. They are humbly asking that we share their burden in any amount that we can sacrificially give in order that she can have a fighting chance at life. A little amount shared by many people to help her will accumulate to the amount she needs. Your donation, no matter how small, heartily given, will help her.
Let's not allow cancer to end the life of a very dedicated public school teacher, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, and a colleague. With the help of the Almighty through the Lord Jesus Christ, let us win this battle with Ma'am Franjhielyn!

For your donations, please send it to the any of the details below:
Gcash 09128479504 - Franjhielyn Golvin
DBP 5301147350 - Franjhielyn Golvin

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