Quora Hive Awareness Initiative, Question Answered: "What's your elevator pitch for The Hive?"

So, I have a minute or so to make a case for the Hive blockchain.

Here goes:

Did you know that there is a social media platform that rewards content created by users monetarily based on community consensus? That platform is called Hive. On Hive, the user is not the product like on mainstream corporate social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram but the owner. Every user has tokens that entitle to using the platform, to control over the reward pool and a say over its governance. Hive is a peer-to-peer network run by volunteers who you as a stakeholder elect. You control your content and nothing can come between you and your followers.

Be in control of your experience. Choose Hive.

Hive can be accessed using the following web applications among many others

https://hive.blog - https://peakd.com - https://3speak.online

For more info on HIVE: Hive - The Blockchain & Cryptocurrency for Web 3.0

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