Quora Hive Awareness Initiative, Question Answered: "Is it abuse if: 1. I put up the exact same post (like a cooking recipe) on both Hive and Steemit? 2. I also share both links on same Discord groups."

No, I do not think it is abuse to put up the exact same post both on Hive and Steem. That practice is called cross-posting. Who or what would be the victim here? Stakeholders of either blockchain? If your content is not abusive itself, then why on Earth would it be abusive for it to be posted to both Hive and Steem? Do the stakeholders of Hive or Steem stand to lose something if a piece of content is posted to both chains - assuming it is not a case of plagiarism? Of course, not.

If you share links to both posts on the same Discord group, that can only be abusive so long as such links are not welcome on that particular Discord group.

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