Happy to Participate in Another HivePUD Day

We are happy to be able to participate in another Hive PowerUp Day! This is especially as, due to some recent token sales, we were able to build up our Hive Power in a larger amount than we initially planned.

We brought in again some portion of our own funds to continue building this project. A part of it (100 HIVE) we planned to "pour into" Hive Power so we can increase our upvote worth a bit more, and with it, accordingly, the amount of the rewards share at the end of the month.

But, due to yesterday afternoon's token sale, instead of only 100 HIVE, today, we were able to PowerUp the account for an additional 100 HIVE, or in total for 200 HIVE. And we are so happy about it! 😃 (@tuisada, thank you very much for this "last minute" contribution!)

HivePUD February 2023-02-01

We are definitively growing and building up!
Although it might seem somewhat slow, but undoubtedly, it's continuous and steady.

Last month, not knowingly, we entered (some sort of) contesting support organized by @traciyork for all the participants of HivePUD (Hive PowerUp Day).

Although she has run this initiative for quite some time (what we learned afterward), we were unaware of it at the time. Therefore, our surprise in winning this fantastic award of 100 HP delegation for three weeks was even more significant.

We were eagerly waiting for those entirely unexpected additional 100 HP that should increase our upvote value for the following three weeks and which, besides enabling us to give bigger upvotes to curated articles, it would also increase the rewards accumulated during that period and afterward shared with our token holders.

Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, the sponsor assigned to us has never delivered the reward.

Despite that, we find @traciyork's initiative very valuable and community-supporting!
We feel that our bad luck was just an unintentional random failure that may always occur in such types of big contests and certainly not a common occurrence.

Therefore, we encourage you to check the rules and participate in her for February 1st - currently active HivePUD initiative!

And we wish you to win the largest award possible! 😀

Info for VOCUP token holders
Rewards for January 2023 will be sent out shortly after publishing this post.

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To buy a VOCUP token, visit Hive-Engine, Tribaldex or LeoDex exchange.

Please look at our Announcement post to learn more about our project.

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