Five for #HivePUD - Twitter Only Revamp, August 2020

Before I talk about the latest iteration of my Five for #HivePUD intiative (aka, my second go ', I have to say, WOW! There are so many exciting things happening in our little Hive crypto world right now! Stuff like...

Also, Hive continues to make waves on Twitter, thanks in large part to the aforementioned #HiveChat (brainchild of the also aforementioned @jeanlucsr and managed brilliantly by not yet mentioned @stellabelle aka @hivetrending), the tireless tweeting of @nathanmars, and @hiro-hive's @hive-data Daily Twitter Reports, as well as the awesomely uplifting Twittering by @artemislives' @hivelift efforts.

Of course with lots of waves, you also get some choppy waters, so there's been a bit of a learning curve as far as getting eyes on our crypto home in the Twitterverse. Luckily lots of people are stepping up with posts & videos, like -

How To Use Twitter: A Guide For Hivers by @stellabelle

What are the best tags to use on twitter to promote Hive? by @revisesociology

#HiveChat - A Simple How-To for First Timers by @hivelift

What does all this have to do with my Five for HivePUD initiative?

Yeah, I'm eventually getting to the!

When I kicked off things off last month, I thought having almost the entire month to create one post & four tweets would help generate lots of entries. But as I said in the HivePUD Winners Announcement post, I only ended up with 4 entries from 2 people...

So for the September 1st Power Up Day, I'm doing things a little bit different than last month, and changing my focus to just tweets for now, in the hopes that streamlining the process will generate more interest, as well as getting more "good" tweets going out into the Twitterverse.

How to Enter

There are still 5 opportunities to earn entries into the drawings (hence the Five for #HivePUD 😊), but now it's all about tweets, so...

  • Tweet about powering up (must use #Hive & #HivePUD) = 1 per Tweet, with up to 5 entries


For a total of 5 possible entries!


2 basic requirements

  • Entries/tweets that meet the criteria must be completed between the 23rd & the 30th of each month
  • Links to your tweets must be dropped in the comment section below


Criteria for the Tweets

  • must contain the #Hive and #HivePUD hash tags
  • must contain 2 additional non-Hive specific hash tags (see this list by @revisesociology for suggestions)
  • must be in the form of a sentence or two (so not just tags strung together)
  • must drop link to tweet in this post's comment section for entry to be verified


Adding an image, short video, or gif is not required, but recommended to increase visablity. Stella & I have begun filling the official Hive Giphy account with HiveChat gifs, and will be adding more in the coming days. In the meantime, I have tons of ones I've created in my personal account - you're welcome to browse both and use whatever tickles your fancy.

Official -

Mine -

Here's an example tweet (and yes, it's missing the 2 non-Hive hash tags, but since I was directing this to the Hive community, I didn't think to add them... that's my story & I'm sticking to I just sent out from the @hiveblogshare Twitter account -


At the moment, the prizes are -

100 Hive Power 4 Week Delegation - Sponsor @traciyork
100 Hive Power 4 Week Delegation - Sponsor @traciyork
100 Hive Power 4 Week Delegation - Sponsor @traciyork
100 Hive Power 4 Week Delegation - Sponsor @traciyork
100 Hive Power 4 Week Delegation - Sponsor @traciyork

I'll announce the 5 winners (more if other people donate prizes) as part of the Official Winners List For Hive Power Up Day that comes out on the 5th of each month. If you're interested in sponsoring a prize, please shout out and I'll add you to the list.

Speaking of delegations, thank you Dan!

One last thing - yesterday as I rewrote this post for the umpteenth time since August 5th (when I first decided it needed some tweaking), I noticed a very cool @ginabot notification - thanks so much for the delegation, @theycallmedan! Your support is wicked appreciated.


That's it for now! Feel free to shout out with questions about Five for #HivePUD and see you on Twitter!


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