1 January 2021 HPUD participation post

First and foremost, a happy new year for those who are reading this right now.

I have been thinking about whether to do this for quite some time considering HIVE has been one of the worst performers in my watchlist, but here we are!

For those who don't know what this is, HPUD is an ongoing monthly campaign that encourages Hive users to power up their liquid HIVE.

For today, 290.000 HIVE have been transferred to vesting, which represents a 5.95% increase in my Hive Power.

As a result, I'm now at 9.87M vesting shares, which is very near the 10M VESTS mark that would probably take another 10 days of block production to reach that (provided if my producer rewards remain the same throughout).

Proof of transaction

I'm starting to use HiveKings as my default Hive block explorer as I can select my own API node over there. Not your node, not your rules.

Some dev updates

I'm currently working on Alive, a decentralized live streaming protocol on Hive and Avalon networks using IPFS and Skynet as the storage backend.

Not revealing too much info right now, Alive is mostly a fork of SkyLive, but using Hive (and Avalon) as the database backend for HLS chunk hashes instead of centralized portals. Alive will be platform-independent, which means it can be integrated into any video DApp that builds on these networks to enable live video streams.

Like most (if not all) of my projects, it will be fully open-source, consisting of several repositories. You can currently view the development of Alive on my Github profile, which will eventually be moved to a dedicated organization.

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