February 1st .- Hive Power Up Day!

Hey everybody,
So this is February 1st, which means that Hive community as a whole makes the



As I have reached 100 HP only a few days ago, apparently I'm eligible to a nice badge by the guys at @hivebuzz , which to my understanding are the armed wing of Marketing here in HIVE. Also , you can opt for a ton of nice prizes, thanks to donations of whales and the like: Check this complete post of @traciyor about them!

I have cashed out some tokens from all the games I play inside the Hive ecosystem and I've powered up 20 HIVE so now my grand total is above 120, yay! Also this is just the beginning, as at this point I'm officially hooked to this community. You can catch me in here, Leo and Dbuzz as my main sources for comments, as I will routinely talk about crypto, gaming and collectibles, which is my job since 1997. (Gaming and collectibles, not crypto, lol)

Last but not least, thanks to @traciyork and @flauwy for some recommendations about how and where to post this. (I have learned to use markdowns, yay!)


While you are here, remember to check The Best Blockchain Cardgame out there! Don't believe those ETH-heads, Splinterlands is right now a top 3 in the blockchain gaming world, which is impressive. This can only get better!