HiVE 💪Power 🔥Up 😎Day - Back to 1k level - 10x GiveAway!

(damn... been writing too many posts lately... this is definitely not usual - don't get used to this, it's not going to last)

An🤑ther giveaway!

Yes... Objective? Make people power-up, because that matters for everyone on HIVE. We get more decentralized if everyone powers up a little. As tokens get moved out from exchanges, each of us gets a bit more control of a piece of this community. Plus, the price will promptly rise if we all do the same.

(by @themanualbot)

So, if YOU powered UP HIVE on the 1st day (UTC) of September, you wanna make a comment here! You do... believe me...

Why... do you ask?

Because... I am going to GiveAway 10x Delegation

...of whatever I am going to win (most likely) from my power-up (an initiative from @hivebuzz team) to a lucky winner that comments on this post (and has also done a powerUP on the 1st day of September).

(the max cap of this giveaway is a 10k HIVE delegation for a week, hence if I receive amore than 1k HIVE delegation, the max delegation from myself will be 10k HIVE for a week, so use it wisely)


(yes is not a typo)

By the end of this post curation, I will draw the winner. Bots excluded.

😍 Update 😍 - the 🤑Prize!

In this post you can see that I have/will receive 161HP delegation from @hivebuzz. That means effectively that by the end of this post curation period, someone that also powered up on the 1st of September will get an amazing 1610HP delegation for 1 week!

Extra Stuff!

If you reblog this post, I will get you some PIZZA/BEER, and depending on the engagement some LUV and/or ENGAGE tokens.

(by @stickupboys)


Amazing things become wild the moment you embrace them as your own... this is my HIVE making a difference! What's yours?


Have fun, good luck on all the gaming, and lots of teaching "how to play" to new players.

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In addition, if you are looking for a nice place to either reach out, share or just have a great time, come along to gatherings. We welcome everyone on the HIVE blockchain.

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🐝 Hive Blockchain Games 🎮

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2020The power of having fun!
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💳 Cryptocurrency Cards 😎😍💞Crypterium (forgot)TenX (retired)Revolut (wen?)Wirex (fuckdup)

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