Power Up Day! (Also, Reflections on 2021 and New Year’s Resolutions)


I’m so thrilled to be able to gather 10 Hive for Power Up Day this month! I joined Hive in December, and I’m really loving being a part of this community.

Thanks everyone for the guidance, and for upvoting my posts! In the tail end of 2021, I’ve joined Hive, and started my journey into leathercrafting. I’ve made some Christmas gifts, and dabbled in color mixing with watercolor crayons. I’ve tried and failed an attempt at daily poetry, but I think I did alright, a couple of the pieces weren’t too bad, if I do say so myself.

I have goals for the coming year, as I’m sure we all do. They include becoming healthier, and using up some of my art/crafting stash. I’ve been dealing with my shopaholism and hoarding tendencies, and I’m starting to turn around with the former at least. 2021 was productive in that I’ve learned to curb the clothing haul urge, at least; my ballooned food budget will have to wait for a fix.

My arts and crafts spend is also getting a bit ridiculous, at $700 this year - though $300 of that were one-time purchases unlikely to reoccur this decade. $100 additionally are for things (OSJL mystery boxes if your were wondering) that gave me their cost back in gift cards to spend on other items, which honestly will probably be more art supplies. Still, even $300 is above my expected budget of $240; and that was supposed to include all expenditures, not just consumables. I honestly have no idea where this wealth of art supplies is, that I’m spending $40 a month buying. I will have to keep a better handle on this category. At least I’m buying less clothing in second half of 2021?

In 2022, I plan to learn to cook, and eat takeout and pre-made meals less. This might mean more frozen items, if that’s what it takes. I need to eat less fast food, but also buy fewer $25-per-serving pre-made roast beef and lamb; it’s 2-3 servings, but I eat it all in one sitting. Speaking of, I also need a more regular meal pattern. Right now, some days I eat only once. I also need to eat more vegetables. Thankfully, I eat fruit aplenty, especially canned peaches. So that’s another New Year’s Resolution.

Basically, in summary, I want to: buy less, art/craft more, and cook more. Not a bad goal set if I say so myself!

I can’t wait to see what 2022 brings! Fingers crossed!


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