Crazy Hectic Schedule The Day Before The Cebu Hive Seminar!

It’s one day before the Hive Seminar in Cebu and there are a lot of things to do to make sure the event goes well. From rechecking on the guest list and making sure that everyone who confirmed on the event link on facebook are listed, to following up on the employees at the venue, to make sure they are aware of their roles. Also preparing myself for the slide show presentation, and have all the giveaways ready for tomorrow. All the small materials needed like pens and paper for the guests to write down their questions while the presentation is going on so there is no interruption… I may not mention everything here but there’s just so many things on my plate right now and I am glad that I am able to delegate some of the important tasks to @gerel so I can focus on other important tasks.

I promised on my previous blog that I will be sharing what @ykimbane26, @indayclara, and I had discussed during our last meet-up at my place. I’ve shared with them the mission of the event is to give a background of what Hive is to the newly onboarded Hivers and to those prospect new users, highlighting the benefits of joining the community withOCD’s Onboarding Program.


Also, @indayclara made a program flow to make the event more organized and this what she came up with:

Program Flow:

  1. Welcome Remarks - Will be presented by @indayclara

  2. HIVE slideshow presentation - Will be presented by me and there will be three people who will share their Hive experiences:
    @ykimbanez26 (5-10mins)
    @inday clara (5 mins)
    @itsmiessyonpeakd (5 min)

  3. Q&A portion and give the Chef a heads up to start preparing the food for the food tasting

  4. Raffle draws (tote bags, t-shirts, alcohol spray, and 1,000pesos cash)

  5. Ending remarks - Will be presented by me

  6. Food tasting and photoshoot for R&R's new menu prepared by the CHef

Since @itsmiessyonpeakd is new on Hive but has been consistently posting and getting curated by OCD, I wanted the others to get inspiration and motivation to join the Hive community. As @acidyo said, this will help user retention.

I want to thank both @indayclara and @ybanezkim26 for coming over last week and help me brainstorm to prepare for this event, I knew I needed help in organizing this event and I so grateful they live close by.


Of course, after discussing we had a little food gathering that was prepared by @gerel and I really appreciate her support and hard work. Work hard, play hard, right?


I also want to share with you guys that there a lot of names like @aussieninja, and others that I want to mention but I will have to write a different blog for it because I need to take care of a lot of things today, not to mention I have a two-year-old baby and am in charge of the preparing food for the family but am glad @gerel is taking over that responsibility. So you could imagine that crazy schedule I have. But a big thank you to @enrique89, @eddiespino, @samgiset for the awesome graphics and for helping me with the slideshow presentation. You guys are awesome!

Also, as per @hungrypanda's request, we will be doing a video/ story on Instagram tomorrow so you guys can join us even you are on a different part of the globe. Follow me on Instagram "itspurepinay" to not miss this fun event.

Here’s a sneak-peak of the giveaways for tomorrow’s seminar…

A big thank you to @gerel for having all giveaways ready ahead of time!

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