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RE: Hiverrr. What can it do though?!

RE: Hiverrr. What can it do though?!

Haha, not luck, just learning and learning! 😄

At the moment I am pretty swamped with work, but perhaps in the future you can walk me through what you want to do and I might be able to help out, hehe!

Oh, that's the least of my worries. The problem is for "an app that facilitates cryptocurrency transactions" Apple requires you to have a company with the same name as the application, linked to a financial institution (meaning open a bank account) and set up a new developer account (so also with a new yearly subscription), it's not that much work, but it's +- 500 USD, which I currently don't have to spare! But when I can, I definitely will do all of that to get it up and running!

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