Bloodlust is OP!!!!!!

Hey y'all. I hope your week is going well. Today I am going to talk about Brawls and how AWESOME the new mechanic Bloodlust is.

Bloodlust is a new mechanic that is currently only available in Gladius set. Each card has the ability. I believe in a few months when a good majority of people have at least a few of these cards and some start to level them up, it will become hard to win a brawl match without them. Take Katrelba Gobson


Just at a level 1 she has Bloodlust of course, Sneak, and Double Strike. A 2/3 that hits twice on the back line is great all by itself. In ranked battle one of my favorite cards to use is Silvershield Assassin which has the same mechanics.


For 1 mana less and combined with Bloodlust, Katrelba goes off towards the end of the battle. In yesterdays Brawl I was fortunate to use her. The battle parameters were Weak Magic and Stampede. I rented Kron and the Llama for this Brawl and I wanted to use them because combine it is one of the harder things to beat. So here's my setup.


I am thinking cool. Worst case Kron uses Last Standing and we win. But that wasnt even close to happening. Katrelba knocked out the whole back line before Kron could take care of the unicorn.


Buy the time it was over she was a 6/9 with 6 speed. Hitting for 12 with the Double Strike. Blew my mind. Watch the battle hereWatch the battle here

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