My Hive Love Affair


24 days ago, I came out to the open and posted my self-introduction post here in Hive. Although I have created my account in April, I didn't do anything at that time, the reason being is that I am a shy person and I always find it hard to ask questions openly. That in turn made me stay on the sidelines. Additionally, I was busy on other things offline that I didn't take time to learn how the platform works. I did a few posts from August to October mostly about my walks through Actifit app.

Although I felt intimidated, I convinced myself to start my writing journey here so I deposited 11 Hive to my account. I was just glad that my online friend, @coquicoin helped me by providing valuable tips and recommendations that she learned along the way. We both challenged ourselves to keep going and enjoy the process too. Little did we know that coming here will bring excitement and the urge to learn more each and every day.

“Our biggest regrets are not for the things we have done but for the things we haven’t done.” – Chad Michael Murray

So if you are reading this and you are there, staying on the sidelines and are just watching things happen, do yourself a favor and pinch your cheek maybe, or slap your face even to wake yourself up and break out of your cocoon, LOL! I am sure you will not regret it because I don't. In fact, I wished I started soon, even questioned why I didn't get to meet Hive earlier (I learned that it had been 4 years since Hive's inception), to which my husband answered with a little sarcasm, "it's because you were not looking!" And he was right, but it is not too late at all, I think I am just right on time.

It is very heartwarming too, that the different communities here are very supportive and welcoming. They are accommodating so it is not at all scary to ask questions. Additionally, the support we get from fellow Hivers is also one of the factors that push us to keep going and do better.

Checking my progress now, I am just happy that I took the first step of this adventure.


At first glance, it may look like I wasted a few good months from the time I signed up, but I am just happy that I got here, and I'm going to stay for good, so I have since been powering up.

It is humbling too because just when we thought we know something, we get to find out that we knew nothing or very little at all.

I have many things yet to learn and at times I feel overwhelmed, but all I need is some time off for myself, wander around with nature, a little pat on the back from a fellow Hiver, and I found myself zealous to do things, learn and write yet again.

In fact, Hive makes me get too focused that the farm boy would beg me to take a break, and sometimes, he does it in style too. For instance, today while I was too engrossed writing this, he brought me this milk tea as his bribe, LOL!


Yes, loving Hive is one beautiful affair that I will never intend to break up with unless I am breathing no more :)

So thank you #Hive and all amazing Hivers for making this FarmGirl's heart glow, each and every day.

Special mention to @indayclara for making me feel welcomed when I did my introduction post a few weeks ago. Your comment on my article that day made a huge difference to how I jumpstarted my journey. Respect and Salute to you!

P.S. I am very open to learning more, so please let me know what I am missing. Thank you :)


FarmGirl writes from their lil kingdom in the mountains of PH.
She is also on Read -o- Noise -o- Torum -o- Twitter

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