Who's who in the zoo?

THOUSANDS and thousands of articles are being written right now, hundreds of books, probably millions of videos, and think I can't imagine the number of songs or posts, so why should you, dear reader, be interested in a blog about a random guy on Hive?

In fact, there is no specific reason, as there is no adaptative reason in seeing all those Netflix films or series we love the most, but here we are. Now, if you want to find a reason, here you go: this is a blog about someone who doesn't just like what he does but loves it, and those are the ones who are worth the most. So if you have not liked what have seen until now (although you haven't seen that much), you're in all your right to go and see other blogs, you could even find something that nests interests you; but if you like science, art, mystery, theories, imagination, nature, animals, and overall, dinosaurs, then you couldn't have found a better place to spend the moisture of your eyes in front of a screen!

If you think science can also be your passion, you couldn't have found a better place to spend the moisture of your eyes reading!

Then, what is this actually about? Let's start from the beginning. My name is Elihu (pronounced ee-LAI-hyoo in English), or just Elih (ee-LAI) for the friends. Today, October 17th of 2021 I'm 19 years and almost 6 months old. I was born in Maracay a modest but cute city from the central region of Venezuela, but I'm currently living near Bogotá, Colombia (you must already imagine why). But wait, why is this blog in English if I have always lived in Spanish-speaking countries? Well, at first, it won't just be in English, besides, let's say that I love being... international. The matter here is that, since I was around 2 years old, I've been fascinated with dinosaurs and palaeontology, the history of life on Earth.

Later, I will explain why I consider dinosaurs so special but now, you have to know that they, their world, and the prehistory are the basis of what you'll see here. Of course, I also love other things, like my mom, for example, basketball, Marvel comics and movies, Spider-Man, I have believings and many other aspects that have wrought my personality, who I am; however most of my friends will agree with that dinosaurs have one of the first places in what best defines me. That passion has driven me to show my love for dinosaurs in many ways. I have written about them and drawn them, I have seen as many documentaries as you could imagine, read almost 25 big books about dinosaurs, and, currently, after graduating from a practical career in development, seek to push my professional life into a more natural field: biology and, of course, palaeontology.

The author at a locality near Bogotá called Ciudad Verde, looking for marine fossils... or trying. (Author's archive.)

So that's why I'm here. After attempting to create a blog with not that much success like a year ago, I realized that I had to look for a community where dinosaurs and scientific divulgation wouldn't be that expanded. It is my purpose to show you the science behind my passion. I know that a lot of people don't believe that dinosaurs ever existed, or may not understand very well how their field of study works. If you are one of them, no worries, here we are! And if you already have basic or even more advanced knowledge about them, great! We're almost colleagues; you'll enjoy these posts as a child in a toy store.

Now, just to not extend myself throughout the discussion of physical, chemical, geological or biological rules of this awesome and extensive world of dinosaur palaeontology—which we will later discuss—let's limit ourselves to say that, currently, this is the best blog to learn about our hidden past, about the mysteries our planet has and will keep storing, to experience by first-hand from a dinomaniac about one of the most amazing group animals that have ever inhabited the Earth.

Welcome... to the past.

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