Crack of Dawn...

Sammi Jo the @krazzy-kitty √'n in wit yas. Scratching and Pawin' out a Caturday Day Late post.

Saturday Tail Chasin'...

My pet human had me chasing my tail all day Saturday. We delivered a load of Harbor Freight Tools in Marianna FL. (USA) Then we went up thru Alabama to Columbus GA. To pick up a loaded trailer of refrigeration units. They deliver in Jacksonville FL. Monday morning. Such a long long ride for a Saturday. Over 600 miles!
It took us over 12 hours with our stop and drop offs.

Now we are sitting here on a Sunday morning. My pet @krazzytrukker has been up since 4am. He really is crazy..!

The Crack of Dawn...

We are sitting here now watching what my human calls... "The Crack of Dawn." I wonder if this Dawn knows we are watching her crack?
Hoomans have such silly names for things. Anyways I am lap sitting and this is what "The Crack of Dawn" looks like from my Kitty POV.



Oops, sorry, I got his leg in that second Crack Shot.

I was sayin' my Pet Human has been up since like 4 in the morning. I been following him all round the house like I always do. Watching to see what kind of shenanigans he is pulling. This morning the weirdo was messin' with our kitty poop boxes. I swear these two pet humans just worship our poo too...

Look at this cake the pet hooman we call @pooky-jax made for him. She must be crazy too..?
Randy's Bday Cake - October 2013.jpg

They tried to give me a taste. They do that with all the Hooman food. But it smelled like Peanut Butter Fudge and Graham Cracker Crinkles. More weird names and also it was way too sweet for my kitty tongue.

The Poo Boxes...

Every month or so, my pet hooman, breaks down and cleans in and around all our poo boxes. We have many. He says every month or so. But time is different for us kits. Seems like every three or four days to us. He does more than just the daily scoop and freshen up of the litter. More weird names. He calls us Lil'Pigs, Buncha Cat Turds, and even a few names that he says I am not s'pos ta type on here. That is also weird cuz he sure seems to love messin' with the poo boxes? NOT.!!

He just read this and told me I had to put that NOT in there. Weirdo huh?

So here I am this morning following him around. I almost tripped him one time. That woulda been a hoot. I have got him before. It makes him hollar and call me some of those bad names when I trip him up...



Sunday Morning Sunshine...

Well, my pet human just told me he wants his phone back. He mumbled something about stalking looking up the KP Brothers? Just more of those weird names this boss kitty says. @galenkp and @tarazkp

Besides that Dawns Crack has turned to Daybreak. Such funny names for things these hoomans have.


Thanks 4 Stopping and Reading my Paw Prints.!! =,,=

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