Who are your most Favourite and Hated personalities on Hive?


I did enjoy my last writing prompt which was about favourite witness. Unfortunately, so many people still don't know about witness stuff but at least it led them thinking and explored this stuff on their own.

Hive is the most active social blockchain and we can claim to have a real user base than any other blockchain because of social element and engagement. My next prop has both fun and little daring element in it. It consists of two parts:

How to Participate:

Make a post in which you have to describe a little about two personalities. One of them is your favourite and second is you are most annoyed with. The fun part is you don't have to reveal actual names of both personalities and just leave some clues in your post for the audience to guess. You can suppose hypothetical names for them or maybe just choose Person A, Person B etc

Favourite Personality

There can be many names which inspire you, they can be doing their contribution to the Hive ecosystem or someone you want to meet in real life. There can be more than one personality. You can write about that person without revealing the name and try to provide more clear hints about them.

Annoying Personality

This part is optional and that's where the dare factor comes in. If you say that you did not experience any kind of drama on Hive which left a bad taste in your mouth then you were not really active.

I believe in constructive criticism and sometimes lack of communication can lead towards hostility. You can reveal some clues about the personality you are annoyed with on Hive. Try not to be a troll. You have the chance to present your viewpoint and maybe others can learn from it because sometimes we don't have an idea why the other person is angry or frustrated.


Your friends and some other close people will be able to identify who you are talking about in your post and try to guess it in comments. I'll look for more meaningful & engaging comments and upvote them too. Authors never have to reveal the actual person even in comments, its upto them to finally reveal.


You just have to use #hivepersonality tag in your post.

All the good posts who participate in this initiative will possibly receive some support from @appreciator. I would like to explicitly state that support is not warranted and nobody is entitled to receive any guaranteed support.