State of Onboarding: Increased Account Demand vs. Limited Resources


Dear HIVE Community,
it has been a long time since the last update, but we have been very busy onboarding 100+ daily user over the last year.

A lot of improvements have been made under the hood and the user interface regarding your valuable feedback. Thanks for this!

State of Onboarding


In order to be able to create new accounts on scale we always relied on supporter who got a lot of HIVE POWER and therefore able to provide us with account creation tickets -> detailed post.

A big shout-out to @cardboard who supports us and provides with account tickets since day one! Without him, we wouldn't have seen such a user growth, like we see today!

What's happening?

Over the last few month we saw an increased demand of new accounts, which were created using @hiveonboard.

In numbers we currently see a demand of 200-300 verified accounts daily.

At the same time more people are claiming account tickets using their HIVE POWER and spending RESOURCE CREDITS. When there is an increased demand on those tickets the HIVE protocol automatically adjust the required RC for each ticket, which results in less new tickets for us available.

In other words:
Since it's becoming more and more expensive to obtain account creation tickets, we currently spending more tickets than we can create - which ultimately to a supply problem sooner or later.


If our supply of account creation tickets reach 2500 or less, will ask new customer to "check back later or use for other account creation options".


VIP tickets will still work since we use our last reserve of tickets to fulfill this account requests.

Looking forward

If you are a whale, want to support us and don't mind to run a creator--api node app on a server, reach out! Requirements would be at least about 500k HP or 50k account creation tickets.

As always we are happy for any feedback.


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