Solving the Scalability Issue for Account Creation - no more HP delegations required

Today there is another great news to be shared with you!

A quick recap

When this project started a few days ago, I asked the community to help out with delegation to @hiveonboard with the goal to increase resource credits and being able to claim as much account creation tickets as possible and provide them to users who wanna join HIVE with an account creation service without a paywall.


The Scalability Issue

When it comes to on-boarding and marketing campaigns services like have to scale very quickly when things go viral. That's what we have seen here over the last few days.

As you would expect it didn't took long and all resource credits and account creation tokens with about 15.000 hp where drained and the service was only capable of offering about a handful of new accounts each day. There are a few people out there who delegated a portion of their HP but it isn't nearly enough to satisfy the demand even if the service is still very young and unknown.

Just imagine if it becomes more popular and people would start ad-campaigns pointing to this service.

The Solution

A few days ago @fbslo introduced me to his open source project called creator - HIVE Account Creator on Github. This software is a Node.js App which can be run on almost any Linux machine and is capable to provide an API for account creation services like this one.

The basic idea:
HIVE stakeholders with a large amount of ressource credits available can provide their account creation tickets without the need of exposing their keys or delegating HIVE POWER.

It's really that simple and I asked myself, why do we talk RC delegation on a blockchain level, when we can solve the problem this way today?

Proof of Concept


As you can see in this overview, a proxy service (in this case a serverless Node.js function) acts as a proxy between the account creation frontend and the Creator Node.js app which are in full control of HIVE stakeholders.

I'am happy to tell you that at this moment is already creating accounts with this solution. A large account holding over 1 million of HP is supporting the project and runs a creator instance for us.

Stakeholder Support

Of course this only works with the support of at least one HIVE stakeholder with a large amount of resource credits.

I'am very proud and happy to you that @cardboard is supporting the project with the @tipu curation service who will supply @hiveonboard with thousands of account creation tickets - so we are ready to support small and mid-range on-boarding campaigns for HIVE now!

Yesterday I have spoken to another major stakeholder who is interested in supporting this project.
So expect even more capacity in the near future.

For now we will monitor this solution and when proven to be rock solid, more account ticket supply will be added. In the meantime make some noise on social media and get people onboard!

No Delegation required anymore

Since no more HIVE POWER on @hiveonboard is required to run this service, all of you who delegated HP (@xxxxxxxxxx, @shmoogleosukami, @fw206, @eturnerx) can safely remove it now.

Really cool that you had faith in this project from early on, but it's not a requirement anymore.

Final Mentions

Thanks for all your support, we are just getting started!
Remember that all code is open sourced, so you are free to use if you like.

50% of rewards from this post will go to @fbslo for building creator and @cardboard for stakeholder support! Thanks for your efforts from early on!

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