HIVENOOBS 6: Get Hive Help & Tech Support


By now, we’ve seen people reach out on various platforms with a cry for help when they first join the Hive. We’ve seen newbies refer to Hive as “daunting” and to be honest, they are not wrong.

When someone creates a new Hive account or peruses the site, there is not really a dedicated support system or a newbie flow. That’s because Hive is decentralized, and there exists many different help channels where people can get support, but we realize it is confusing and a bit disjointed. This is especially the case when someone gets a brand new Hive account. Each new account creation method goes to a different person or dapp. So, there is no centralized solution where a user can get help for everything. But there are many places where new people can get Hive help. This is your guide to the where and how to get help. This is not a complete list, only the places we know of. If you know of more places for people to get help, please add them in the comments so we can edit this list.

Our best advice for someone brand new to Hive is to do the following:

  1. After you create your Hive account, write a post and introduce yourself. Use the hashtag #introduceyourself
  2. In the post make sure and tag @hivepeople so we can find and upvote your first post.
  3. Join one of the Newbie Communities on Hive (as listed below)

Newbie Communities on Hive

Minnow Support Project/PALnet
Get Help in PALnet Discord:

The Minnow Support Project is probably the most well-established community for newbies. It just recently moved over to Hive as we found out that their posts were being blocked on Steemit. Here’s their website:

Hive Beginner Tips

This Hive community is new and its mission is to provide Hive newbies with clear and concise tutorials that cover all the aspects of Hive from a beginner perspective. @condra is the leader of this group. There is a wealth of information on a lot of topics, and more tutorials are being added daily.

The Terminal
Get Help in Discord:

The Terminal is one of the oldest groups that is dedicated to helping newbies. It describes itself as “Your one-stop location for learning about destinations on the Blockchain both Hive and Steem & Discord”. Follow and comment on @heyhaveyamet posts because this account helps a lot of newbies.

Get Help on Twitter

Hivers are quite active on Twitter and there are a lot of community-run Hive accounts. The main Hive Twitter account is and it is a great source of Hive info. But we recommend that you also tag @hivepeople and @hivetrending.

Who To Ask

How To Ask For Help

Send a tweet and tag the following Twitter accounts: @hiveblocks, @hivepeople and/or @hivetrending in your tweet. The body of your tweet should contain your question or at least hint at why you’re needing help. Give some time as both of these accounts are community run. You can also use the hashtag #hivehelp but that is optional. Please be patient as these accounts are generally run by individuals not companies.

Get Help on Telegram

The Hive Telegram channel is busy but is a great place to get help. There are many admins there who can help you with your issue, but be patient as this is also run by the community, not a company.

Get Help on Hive Discord

If you’re on Discord, you can get help in the main Hive channel:

Get Help on Hive Facebook

I believe the Hive Facebook Page is mainly run by community members.

Get Help on Hive Quora

If you’re on Quora there is an active Hive community there so feel free to ask your Hive questions.

Get Help on Hive Reddit

Hive is on Reddit too, so feel free to ask your questions there.

Get Help with Hive Dapps

Here’s a few Hive Dapps and links to their Discord support channels. To see the complete list of Hive dApps go here: The dapps have other support channels as well.


Peakd Discord:

Esteem App Discord:

3Speak Discord:


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