Hivelist Update for August 2021: LIST Staking Club Updates, Site Updates, Outpost, and other Future Plans


Hello everyone! Trying to get back in action after a long vacation period on Hivelist, if you have read some of my other posts, you know that already, haha. It's been a while since one of these updates, so this one is going to be a bit of a longer one...sorry...but if you invest in this platform, I want to make you aware of what is and has been happening behind the scenes.

There are some things that you may know and some you don't know... One, we have updated the payments on the Here are the list of payment options we have:


  • Hive
  • HBD
  • LEO
  • POB
  • DEC

Coinbase Commerce:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • BCH
  • USDC
  • DAI
  • DOGE


For fiat credit/debit card payments, we are now using Stripe! Stripe gives us more worldwide access where Square only accepted payments from a few countries which was causing issues.

Payment Gateway Fees

You will also notice a fee in your checkout based on the payment method. We are now having to charge fees because we were finding that after paying out vendors and affiliates, we were losing money and it is all in payment fees. As a store, we only charge vendors a 5% sales fee, so we are going to have to put the payment fee on the customer.

For both crypto options, Hivepay and Coinbase, there is a 1% fee. For fiat payments, there is a 4% + $.30 fee. Being that there haven't honestly been allot of sales as it is, and having to pay out monthly costs to keep the site running, pay affiliates and vendors, etc, I can't afford to keep losing out because of payment fees. Hey, these are lessons learned as we have expanded.

I am wanting to keep a low sales fee for vendors to try and attract more, as other platforms charge upwards of 14% and more, plus final sales fees. We don't do that. It is 5% for vendors that have a store, and then for people wanting to use the fulfillment service that is coming soon, it will be pay per product setup + 10% sales fee. We do have to keep the lights on somehow, but want it to be more about the actual vendors making money than the platform. The Hivelist Classifieds were originally my gift to the blockchain world, and the store was they way I was going to pay myself back for it, but that hasn't been the case. So moving onward to the future!

The Future Is Digital... eBooks, Music, and NFTs

From the beginning, we have tried to focus on bridging the real world with the, well, let's just say the Metaverse or Web 3.0. We have tried to bring physical product commerce to the blockchain, and honestly, it hasn't been all that successful. For one, shipping is freaking expensive these days. Two, the fact that our little blockchain world isn't so little, it expands out to a global scale, and again, shipping and payments can be a nightmare... Mainly fiat payments. Crypto payments go smoothly, but then there is the bridge to actually having to cash out and pay for manufacturing and shipping costs, because they all still want dollars.

So based on this, we are going to be putting more focus into building out our digital product catalog on the @hivelist store. I still have physical print on demand products I want to get out like some @hivehustlers gear and such, and update the @hivelist merchandise to include the new logos and such. Other than that, I have acquired a resell license for thousands of ebooks and video courses, so I am going to be building out that library. The individual vendors are free to still sell physical products, but we are wanting to attract more digital content as it is SO much easier to deal with, haha.

Based on this, we are calling out to book authors, musicians, etc to come check us out as a place to sell your work! For music, I am going to be building in the functionality for shortened previews for your music to protect it until it is purchased. That should be coming by the end of the week honestly.

Saving Up To Become An Outpost

So if you follow @hive-engine at all or any of the Hive Engine development, you may have heard of Outposts. Well it is basically an upgraded Tribe. Not only will there be a rewards pool for the posting and curation, but it also includes an NFT marketplace similar to the OpenHive on Tribaldex (from my understanding), a DAO like feature, similar to the DHF, and we will have our own Diesel Pool on Tribaldex! I thought I read somewhere of having our own DEXs, but not sure about that.

So doing this will basically make Hivelist it's own ecosystem with NFTs and everything! Really excited about this development. BUT... here is the kicker... It is pretty darn expensive to upgrade Hivelist to an outpost. It is going to cost 2500 BEE tokens to get it done. I have been saving up my BEE rewards from running my Hive-Engine witness node (which please go vote for my HE witness on Tribaldex if you have any staked WORKERBEE!) and moving it to the @hivelist account to accumulate. I have currently saved a bit over 100 BEE tokens so I still have a while to go. I am considering releasing a set of special Hivelist NFTs that will go help support this effort... Just not sure how I want to handle that yet.
Just BEE assured, haha, that I am trying to get this done as quickly as possible... One thing that would help is for people to stop selling their LIST tokens, lol. That would help allot.

On that note, let's talk about the ones that have been stacking some LIST!

LIST Staking Club Update

We had a large group to update this time. Allot of new members and some that leveled up the ranks! We did also lose a few members because they were more dumb money than smart money and can't see the future, I joke... but do I? lol. Anyway, here is the updated LIST!

All of the new members and existing members that leveled up have received an encrypted Hive transaction with your coupon code in the memo. Use Hive Keychain or use your MEMO key to see the coupon code. These codes are good on both the and the It is also available for any of the Hivelist website services.

New Members

@bahagia-arbi - 5%
@yameen - 5%
@road2nowhere - 5%
@zelensky - 5%
@elianaicgomes -5%
@bengy - 5%
@itharagaian - 5%
@sandymeyer - 5%
@photosnap - 5%
@dibblers.dabs - 5% - Hivelist Store vendor!
@stickupboys - 5%
@scooter77 - 5%
@edystringz - 5%
@velourex - 5%
@sciencevienna - 5%
@gamer00 - 5%
@bryan-imhoff - 5%
@guurry123 - 5%
@ddrfr33k - 5%

Leveled Up

@ganjafarmer - 15%
@saachi.list - 15%
@thatcryptodave - 10%
@allcapsonezero - 10%
@alokkumar121 - 10%
@joemark - 10%
@dera123 - 10%
@matheusggr - 10%
@unicorn-tamer - 10%

ALL LIST STAKING CLUB MEMBERS (not counting this account or the founder’s account, @thelogicaldude, or any new members):


Let me know what you think in the comments! Have a great day!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

If you like what I am doing, please consider voting for my Hive Engine witness with your staked WORKERBEE!

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