Hivelist Update Are Live - LIST Staking Club Update For May


Hello everyone! April saw allot of updates including the opening of the multivendor marketplace on and have had several vendors sign up! Not only are we letting people sign up to sell their items on our platform, we also opened up our affiliate program that allows Hive members to sign up and use their affiliate code to help bring people to the store from other parts of the interwebs and earn from any sales made from your referral! We have really opened the doors for ecommerce focused around the Hive blockchain!

We also added an awesome new feature to both the main .io site as well as the store! Thanks to the team at (, made up of @hivetrending and @thebeardflex, we have added a price feed for LIST and COM to the sidebar! This made an awesome addition to the site and we will be expanding the use to all of our partner bridge sites, like,, and, coming soon! Price feeds will be for the corresponding tribe tokens!

Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 11.27.21 PM.png

Next up for the team is to get the multivendor service marketplace opened up on! But for now, let's get into the updates!

Hivelist Token Updates Are Now Live

We also made some changes which are now live for the Hivelist Token! Changes made are to help strengthen the market of the LIST token for the long term and to increase the deflationary functions of the token.

We changed the rate of inflation from 1 token every 16 blocks to 1 every 32 blocks. We also increased the reduction rate which happens every year. The inflation rate will decrease by 10% each year.

We also changed the curation rewards curve to a LINEAR curve! The author curve was already set, but we also gave the same rewards curve to the curation pool!

And last update to the Hivelist rewards is the changes to the tag! We have officially removed the 'classifieds' due to lack of use, and the use that it did get was mostly spam. We have added 2 new tags to the list that we thing will help add a ton of value to the classifieds community! We have added 'events' so that Hive members can promote any events they are hosting. And we have also added 'fundraising' which will allow members to be able to make fundraising posts for things that you would use a crowdfunding site for! Think of the fundraising section as the Go Fund Me for the Hive community! We are considering some other integrations in the future, but for now, we can use the blockchain and the tag for this purpose.

LIST Staking Club Update

This month saw a large increase in new staking club members! Seeing the growth of the community has been awesome!

First, we want to congratulate the latest updates to the LIST Staking Club! The following members have upgraded their stake this month to higher levels and have gotten bigger discount codes!

@roger.remix - 20%
@espandor - 15%
@writeandearn - 15%

Your new coupon codes have been sent via encrypted Hive transation. You can use Hive Keychain on the computer or on mobile to view the message, or you can use the Hive Wallet app. Other than that, you can always sign in with your Memo key which will also do the trick!

That goes the same for our new members! All of the following are new members and have been sent your coupon code in the same manner!

New Members
@glorakoth - Hivelist Team member- new HIVE member
@unorgmilitia - 15%
@unicorn-tamer -10% - Hivelist Store Vendor
@dagger212 - 5%
@hunter-yogi - 5% - Hivelist Store Vendor
@mawit07 - 5%
@matheusggr - 5%
@junkfeathers - 5% - Hivelist Store Vendor
@juanmiguelsalas - 5%
@allcapsonezero - 5%
@brutalmonkey - 5%
@zellypearl - 5%
@badbitch - 5%
@sipahikara -5%
@reeta0119 - 5%
@zottone444 - 5%
@ackza - 5%
@oswvin01 - 5%
@gank -5%
@igel2017 -5%

Welcome to the club everyone! Keep staking and earning! We appreciate your support!

You can use your discount code currently at the as well as the! You can also use it for service discounts on our Hivelist website services! See the site for more information on the LIST token:

Be on the lookout for more coming in the future, but again, next up for the team is the multivendor services market similar to Fiverr or Upwork where we will allow freelancers to come an offer a variety of microjobs and services!

As always we are tagging the entire LIST Staking Club to keep everyone updated on what is happening! New members will be added to this list on the next update.

LIST STAKING CLUB MEMBERS (not counting this account or the founder’s account, @thelogicaldude):


Have a great day and see you on the next update!

Hivelist Team


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