Introduction to the HIVE community: aurzeq | #HiveIntroduction

Hello everyone, my name is Aurel, and I am writing this post to present myself to the Hive Community.

My life in brief


I was born in Albania, an extremely poor country in the Balkans and when I was five I moved with my family to southern Italy, looking for a better future. The first few years were really hard for my family, but thanks to my great parents I was able to go to school and get a decent education.


A new member

When I was 9 years old, I said to my parents that I wanted to have a brother, and almost magically (that is what I believed at that time), my mother got pregnant and 9 months later my little brother Denis was born.


High School and University

I have always had really good grades at school, first of all because I felt (and still feel) a huge debt towards my parents and all the sacrifices they have made to raise me up, and also because I have always liked to learn new things. After finishing high school I decided to enroll as an Aerospace Engineer at University of Bologna.


When everything seemed to finally settle down for my family, my mother was diagnosed with a very rare form of multiple sclerosis. She spent five years fighting against it, slowly becoming completely paralyzed and in 2017, 4 months before my Master graduation, she died. I didn't even have time to cry, because I absolutely had to graduate in order not to lose my scholarship. I managed to graduate in time, received a job offer as a Research Fellow, and closed a major project for the European Space Agency (hopefully making my mother proud of me).

paolo 3263.jpg

A new start

After finishing my 2 years contract at University I started working for as a consultant, working with companies like Lamborghini, Leonardo, Pfizer and Ferrari.

About me

I will try to describe myself through the photos of the things that I love to do:

My Post.png

Me and HIVE

I am very excited to be a part of the HIVE community, although I am still a newbie and I still do not understand most of the stuff. But as I said earlier I really love to learn and challenge myself :).
I would love to share knowledge and experiences (both professional and personal) with all the community of HIVE and I hope that we will get along well.

See you soon and have a wonderful day

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