Hive Highlights 2021 #kid_Edition


We are about to enter 2022 with our hive and hive communities which have tied us worldwide with a togetherness feeling. So this post is a shout-out to all the communities and every user on this platform. It is the time where we must pop champagne and cheer high to the sky that we have come so far and are holding each other all this time more like a family.

Extrinsic values are already there like many users, statistics, and eye-catching hive pumps, but I am moving a step forward and will talk about the intrinsic values that have helped us achieve this. Here are my highlights and the things that have touched me so much in all these days. While describing the qualities of this platform, I will tag my fellow family members as well in many instances.

1. Communities

Communities are one of the foundational things that have happened to the hive. Every user on this platform comes alone, signs up, and lives with a family known as "communities." We join several discord servers, talk to each other, back each other; (sometimes, leg-pulling is the only thing that I can think of, and @inuke is one such person from the @indiaunited community; who has faced this from me a lot. ) In bad times we talk, in good times we laugh, in sad times we get together, and in heated times we ambush or ghost the server, lol!

@ecency by @good-karma, @leofinance, @ocd, @actifit by @mcfarhat, @peakd, the list goes on. I can't name all of them, but you tell your content type, and I will tell you the well-established communities already fostering such content.

2. Curators

Unlike our past (I hope you know, I don't want to name it), we have great curators in every community who are encouraging more new talents. These talents are the value addition to both the community and hive platform. @bhattg, @sayee, @bala41288 from @Indiaunited Community - Are one of the fantastic curators who work tirelessly, manually curating 24x7 all these to achieve better quality content on this platform. Curators are the drivers of the "value-adding quality content." High-Five to every curator reading this post, working on this platform!

3. Governance

The one thing that the previous platform lacked immensely was governance. No community can grow if there are no underlying principles. We at hive have proposal systems to carry the next set of developments, active curators, Dapps creators. They all collaborate and make this platform among the most refined platform on the internet.

4. Witnesses

Witnesses like @gtg, @ausbitbank, @roelandp, @arcange, @themarkymark, @therealwolf, @bobinson, @guiltyparties, and many more are the wheels of this cart. They keep this platform safe and alive. They are the keystones; we can barely take a step further without witnesses. It's essential to cast votes to the witnesses right now (if you haven't yet) because this helps ensure decentralization and development. Here is the list of witnesses. Check them here ->

As I said before, this post will be dedicated to the intrinsic values that I have found on this platform, and there is no way we can ever measure their dedication to keeping hive up. One more important thing that I want to enlist here, one last and significant actor on this platform

5. YOU! Yes, You!

Without you guys, nothing is great. I don't know who you are, a curator, witness, reader, but there is one message from me to you - "You are essential to this platform no matter the size of your wallet or holdings. We all care for you and love you for what you do. This platform is growing, thriving for its best because of YOU and YOUR works here. We are always here for YOU!"

Thanks to @guiltyparties for running this contest

Here is the main contest thread -> Hive Highlights 2021 Contest

Happy Holidays! Thank You!

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