2021 Highlight.

Community Challenge.

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They really threw the flipping gauntlet at me with this one. It will be a challenge at the least. My record of saying something nice. Would not be above average.

Before you get in to this post. Know that I do like the chain. I do see tremendous prospects that can be brought about. The changes it can help bring to the struggles people find. Be they positive or not depends on the influencer.

I suppose the highlight of your year should be positive, or you are really buggered.

The Challenge

As 2022 is approaching it's a good time to reflect back on 2021 and consider what has been accomplished by all of us, both cumulatively in our Hive ecosystem and individually as Hive community members. To celebrate the achievements and moments worth celebrating in a year that's not without it's difficulties, I propose a challenge.

The challenge works like this:
Write a blog post about your one main 2021 Hive Highlight
Tag it with #hivehighlight
Link your post in the comments below.

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Triple hard this one. I have to be nice. Now being nice is not so hard to do. I do think I have been nice to some people and extremely nice to some. So saying something nice is not the hard part.

Now getting told to be nice. Well, that just brings out the Rebel in me. Telling me to do anything has that auto response. So here I am fighting my natural instincts.

Then the keep it family friendly. What the some word or other. I have already spent 3 hours editing this post and I haven't even started writing yet. Maybe I should write a letter to Grammarly or some grammar program and have them create a family friendly edition, that edits out and replaces the bad words.

Then there is the writing the post issue. I am not to sure I have the words to express my highlight moment. When I look back now. Maybe it was not just a moment. but many moments that came together.

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My first thought of a highlight to my year went to one thought. Then it drifted off to many other things.

Making a post that reached 28 in rewards. That set a new record here. It might just be the recency of the post that has it in mind. I cannot remember the previous high.

Having three projects going. Having some integration between the three projects. Each having nothing to do with each other directly.

Reaching 17,000 HP in voting power for a witness.

Giving a vote reward of 0.30 HIVE.

The people I met used to be great. Most have shown to be hypocrites of their words though. That would be a negative highlight and probably should not be here.

They are all things I think of, simply because of the workplace. Those are the things that are highlighted as achievements in many work places.

To me, while reaching these targets did not seem to ambitious to start and not much effort was needed by the end. The limit to more was set by machinery and how fast it can run with accuracy and quality.

That is not to say I met every target set to me. Murphy has a way of turning up when you least expect it.

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Setting targets here on HIVE is not something I done to reach in a period of time. Reaching a point was set merely as a marker of progress. I still am the same today as when I started with reaching those targets of goals.

I do not consider for myself reaching these goals as achievements . I think they would have been met eventually or sooner either way.

The Highlight from 2021 for me can be described with one word.

Clarity of thought. That moment when everything just falls to place and you can see everything working. How the actions in one place have an effect on everything else. How they connect and do not connect when not needed.

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