My 2021 Hive Highlight ~ Music and Freedom

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Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening wherever you are!

I've been invited to share my #hivehighlight of 2021 by long time Hivian and all round great human being @guiltyparties So here it is, here is just one of my highlights, if not the HIGHEST of HIGHLIGHTS since leaving my 12 year career as a Teacher back in September.

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Covering a year 7 maths lesson back in June

The initial conversation regarding this life changing event started back in April of 2021 between myself and the NFT Tunz Founders @aggroed and @baltai - I was really honoured to be approached by such respected entrepreneurs as these guys, and of course, I said YES to this life changing opportunity to become part of the future of music and NFTs on HIVE and beyond.

The weeks and months went by, and we fast approached Autumn when things started to fall perfectly into place. It was time to hand in my notice, take a huge leap of faith and start this amazing NFT Tunz project with Ed aka @baltai and developer @bait002 - and to build the website and community on HIVE, where we'll eventually explode out into the wider community.


This is the face I now wear everyday, one of sheer thanks to those that have given me the opportunity to shine and do what I love to do, Crypto and Music on the Hive Blockchain. It's changed mine and my family's life for the better, and that's the best Christmas present anyone can wish for.

I'd just like to thank you all for joining us on NFT Tunz and for investing your time and efforts as musicians and fans into this amazing project where artists can, mint and sell their Collectible, Scarce Tokenized Music as NFTs.

Thanks for reading and have an amazing Christmas folks.

And Finally, I'd like to share this quote from @guiltyparties own 2021 Hive Highlight, as it really stood out to me.

In my humble opinion, it's no longer what skills are important in our narrow immediate surroundings, but what's important in the whole world. Communication is important. Technology and social media, even if the tools we must use for now are centralized, are important. By understanding them and what there is already we can look beyond and envision that which doesn't yet exist. And, in time, maybe as someone's highlight in subsequent years, we can build it.

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