My Hive 2021 Highlight : When I Lost my Hive Keys

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My 2021 Hive Highlight

Coming back to the topic, 2021 was sort of a good year for me. Many things happened in 2021 but everyone has that particular event which he seems to be something that is staying with him for some time.

And same thing happened with me. I was storing my Hive account keys in my gmail draft and whenever I had to login into my Hive account, I would copy those keys from my drafts.

One day I copied my Active Key from the draft and mistakenly discarded the draft having my keys. I couldn't undo the action then, it was too late for me.

Imagine someone having more than 5k Hive in his wallet, earning that within the time span of like more than 4 years and you lose it, poohhhh.

But I then reminded that as I have copied the active key so I checked my Active Key in my mobile clipart and luckily it was there.

I quickly stored my Active key in my mobile, so that I may not lose it.

I talked to some users about how can I recover my keys but all said that when it's lost, it's lost forever and you cannot recover it. Talked to Acidyo and he said that, "things happen for good, when it's lost, let it be. Make another account and transfer your funds there,".

That something like a booster for me because I was feeling so down after the incident because I couldn't see leaving an account which stayed for like more than 4 years with me, thousands of followers and reputation above 68.

But yeah, somehow I convinced myself and made this account and transferred my funds here. And I am now thinking that yes, things happen for a good. I am now being more active on Hive as was before and am being rewarded somewhat good on my posts than before.

Now, you can say that I am sort of full timer on Hive and it even multiplied when Hive just crossed that $2 mark this November.

But yeah I did learn a good lesson. I am now storing my keys in a cold wallet and also have printed it out on a paper locked in my locker.

So watch out for your keys guys. Have you heard this, Not your keys, not your coins?

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