Finding Theterminal on Hive! 2021 Hive Highlight!


The year is ending. I can't believe It's been 9 months on hive. Everything looks only a second had passed because when we are happy about some memories even seconds looks like years.

I was blind to see the beauty of hive if I didn't discovered the terminal. Today, In this post I am addressing to my past self that was before finding terminal.

We only get one chance to chance to share our highlights. I made many friends. Some of them are just anime faces as we never know who is behind screen. When it comes to friends, I don't judge them by wallet sizes ;)
If you are reading this and don't know me yet maybe we will be friends when it will be writing my 2022 highlight.

I only get one chance and I don't wanna waste it. Hi gamers, if you are listening me, listen carefully. I was like you. Yes, I liked playing games but not researching alot about them and writing blogs how the characters work. Get out of this upvote trap. Believe me it is making you sick I can feel you. Even this applies to many people on hive that don't like what they are posting. I believe if you get into to trap of money and only curators, you will not learn about the true beauty of hive. I am trying my best to replace all centralised social media with hive as I like it soo much. I was like you when I only wrote were I see money(I was financially broke and needed it urgently). Believe me onces you start microbloging, you can write in your own comfort. It was amazing how I can even upload using mobile on 3speak(I thought no dapp means I have to move my lazy body but there mobile site is great too on brave).

You may think why I am addressing my past self and my past self type users?

Because I have been there and it's toxic to see people from len of source of income. It's toxic to see people as lemons and make lemonade out of them. Who taught me all this? Who changed me? Ofcourse @theterminal #theterminal

It is a great place for new people to join. Don't be a curator slave(there was a need for explaining for I am editing it: Some people don't focus on content and focus on messaging curators for begging for likes. When I said curator slave, I meant is "In past I wrote some blogs just to get upvotes from specific curators. I meant is don't let others decide your topic based on which curator will pick it. Write whatever your heart wants."). It's ok to follow your heart but it's not ok to follow money. Even being a curator pet can kill creativity in worse cases and when the curator leaves you will be heart broken.

  1. don't do what you don't love but have money.

  2. follow your heart when content making.

In my first 3 months on hive, I was a mentally ill content creator. I was making 4 post a daily. Only about what I got from splinterlands (in bronze 3 one cheast), what I got from risingstar and simply spam and low effort posts. To me It was the world of hive. I was unaware about the beautiful people of hive. I was unaware about communities. I was unaware about the ethics.

Yes, I am your strick MOM, even online telling you to don't focus too much on games. Bring some balance in your self. It's ok that you wanna be in metaverse but as long as it don't make you mentally ill. If you don't listen to me, I will hide all your chargers. If you focus too much on your daily quest reward posts then you will miss the other beauty of hive. Honey, you know I love you, don't disappoint me.

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