The Process | My 2021 #hivehighlight

What actually would be my 2021 hive highlight?
9 months has been a long time in the blockchain but I'm trying to lay my hands on something memorable that would get me on immediately but truth is that none is forthcoming, I'd just have to catch my breath.
Oh, yeah! I'd talk about the experience that actually made me better. Most that go through this now see it as a punishment but always try to look at the bright side and take responsibility for your actions. I even read a post by @guiltyparties and all rackus going down, I was sure reminded what it was like to be with hivewatchers.
I'd never stick to the thought that everything happens for a reason because it sounds lame to me.


Here's the story even though it's going to be repeated again, it's just a memory I just can't shake off.
I joined the blockchain around March 2021 and I'd say it's been a learning process even till this moment, I just keep exploring more grounds and keep realising that hive is bigger than what I have in mind.
As funny as it may sound, I did plagiarize when I first started blogging on hive. In my defense, I would have said... and truly, there's no defense here. I've only gotten to know that hive can't allow or permit copywriting, hive is original and only seek originality from its users and @boscohage came in to do what is known as the greatest offence of all.

Back in July if I remember correctly, I got a message from hivewatchers that I should verify my account and a list of post that were plagiarized and the evidence with their sources were staring at me in the face, there was no denial.
I got to accept my wrongs of the past that came haunting me 4 months later, I even almost denied because I had forgotten, lol.
As of when hivewatchers sent me message, I had found a niche #planetauto where I talked about cars.
My penance was to post for 30 days- a post per day which ene6de up becoming 2 months,one thing I knew for sure was that I was here for the long haul.

I completed the task and here I am today being able to share this experience as my 2021 hive highlight, I'd be looking forward to my 2022 hive highlight.

Thanks to @guiltyparties had to go through my piling archive to get this highlight out, thanks for this.

Thanks for visiting my blog, till next time

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