Community Challenge: Name Your 2021 Hive Highlight!

This was a community challenge put out to the Hive community by @guiltyparties, here is that blog post that he put out.


I know he wanted things to be of a positive nature and I will do that as they were positives to me at some point. So let's get them out of the way right of the bat and end this in a good way, shall we? I learned that many are here to make a buck for themselves at the expense of you, help me and it will make you a penny but me a dollar. That is the way it is with people and money. People always talk a good game but in the end, are plain hypocrites. These things are negative to some but to me, in my point of view, is a positive because it was a learning experience on the blockchain.

I learned early on from some great people here, not mentioning names as many know them here and they know who they are and I do not want to leave anyone out, how to properly do my sources on posts as not to get blacklisted or screamed at. Sometimes we all mess up but with their help, it made it less likely for me. I try to post about current events and things happening in my life and I have been somewhat successful at it on Hive.

With that being said I have not had a lot of money to buy Hive so I earned almost all of my Hive by blog posts. Just about everything I made from my posts went into HP in my account. I see it growing and that is a positive effect on me, as I have made friends that always upvote my posts and make it fun to write them.

It has certainly helped in typing skills also. LOL
Still not that fast but lots better than I was before. I have found communities here that I jump into when I have time and talk, life has been busy with me trying to do a build-out a step van to start traveling and working to make some better posts on Hive with where I will be going. Hoping to share those places with you in pictures and videos. That has been positive as it made me want to go and do these things.

The best thing I would say is positive is there is always a friend or a fellow vet I can talk to when I am down and digging myself into a hole and they help pull me out and cover that hole so I am going in the right direction again.

Ok, now I would just be rambling on if I continued so I will end it here and say "Thank You" to everyone that helped me along on my journey with Hive. I hope everyone has a great night/day, whatever it is in your part of the world. ALWAYS FORWARD!

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