Exode is coming!


One of the games coming to Hive that I am most excited about is Exode. Its a mix between collectible card game and strategy game. It promises to be cooperative and PVE so no one will be priced out.

I made the above graphic from a screenshot of one of my favorite cards, the Science Student. I feel that she summarizes the game quite well, brains, beauty, and a bit of randomness thrown in.


From what I've seen, the game development is moving fast and the devs are very responsive to the community. The evacuation alpha is already available and is an intense experience. I can't wait to see what the colonization part looks like!

In order to start all you need is a single starter deck for US$8, or you can buy all three for $15. If you sign up using my referral code, we'll both receive two free boosters packs.

Sign up here and use my referral code 984a3c4 when you make your first purchase to get your bonus packs.

I hope to see you in game!

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