Unorganized AMA

Hey, Im Matthew Aka. unorgmilitia

Why am I doing this?

  • I've seen alot of people doing AMA's and encouraging engagement on the blockchain, and I want to do my part to participate in this effort aswell.
  • As with others, I am doing my best in the areas of marketing and outreach, in order to encourage new membership of this blockchain and I am wanting to add a new tool to my belt, which will be this AMA.

Intro to tribes

  • LeoFinance: This is my first year becoming involved in crypto currency before this, I was not involved at all with blockchain or crypto, and LeoFinance has shortened my learning curve considerably!
  • CINE: I love movies and TV, soon I hope to get around to writing down mine and my wifes thoughts about what we watch, and then writing some reviews or commentary.. we watch alot of horrible horror movies from these new on-demand apps like Pixel and Tubi
  • WeedCashNetwork: I am an avid consumer of cannabis, I have been since 7th grade, which (IMO) is the main reason I was able to transition out of special education/ behavioral learning schools, into mainstream education. Basically, it helped me deal with my emotions better, and allow me a better ability to control my anger.
  • Lotus: I havnt been to the dentist in 10 years.. so when I finally did decide to go back I ended up setting up an App. at a holistic dentistry office, and I hope to write more in the future about what that experience is like.. Ill admit, ive never used this front end, or engaged with this community, Hive is a bit overwhelming! But I intend to poke around and hangout there in the future.
  • CTP: Click, Track, Profit! I just heard about this project about a week ago. Because of block-chain , and DeFi I am finding my entrepreneurial spirit, which was previously non-existent, I think CTP will help move forward towards progress, as well as help me realize my full potential.

Im excited to the questions and feedback from all of the people in these different groups, and I think that we all have something in common, and in some vague way, all of our tribes and communities have common interests, so I am just really excited to hear from everyone!

When I address this AMA will probably be (rescheduled) lets say: Saturday morning at 6am and ill be in this discord channel, reading and replying to the comments and incoming chat if there are any :D

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