Exode Game - Syndicate Sunday - June 21

Hi everyone!

It was Sunday, and the time to receive the cards from the Syndicate Sponsorship contract. As I wrote before, I have two contracts, meaning six new cards every Sunday.


We have now an open for single cards, and this week I want to try to sell out the cards from the Syndicate Sponsorship.

But let us see what lady Fortuna prepared for us...

The first contract comes with a common card (a 'N-Prime') and two rare cards (an interesting Programmed Transactor and a Syndicate Hacker):


The second contract comes with a common 'N-Prime', a rare Syndicate Trooper, and an epic Battle-Trained Socialite:


Are you interested in any of these cards? If yes, you can make an offer in the comment section.

Wish you a wonderful week!

If you still haven't join the game, the game offers an referral program, giving both the referral and the referee two free booster packs, and an Elite card when ten referrals are reached. Use with my referral code 0db8650 (referral link), and join now for a guaranteed Elite card as my account already reached the required number of referrals!

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