EXODE valuation skyrockets in alpha! And volume ranks us high!


EXODE is Hive game #2 in volume according to dappradar.com , for last 7 days or 30 days.
And also in the top 50 worldwide blockchain games in volume.

EXODE is currently ranked #2 in volume and is not even in a current listing event.

We also see a lot of positive valuation in our USD market, already happening since a few weeks, such as x7 for captains who came at presale, or x2, x3, x4 for more recent captains, for packs and single cards.

Another tool now helps to check your market value at lowest price (only as an indication, and being refined)

Here, this means that a presale captain assets could currently list all assets at something around 15 000 USD, and be the "top offer", for only 2033 USD invested some time earlier. This is shockingly good!

This was anticipated, but... only in beta when we'll activate growth. And growth is not even active yet!

So first of all please excuse this kind of article, as I usually focus on features in previous articles and consider valuation as the positive effect of 'working on things and making releases'.

I don't usually make articles about valuation itself. I think inviting people because valuation happens, is often tricking them and using a ponzi aspect. I never want to do that. But here, it seems there is an organic aspect of valuation, happening so soon.

The values are strong, and this invites an article.

Only a few new captains heard about us, we only have very few users, and yet it was enough to move the market up and persistently. We know a lot more pilots will be called soon when our build is even more complete!

All these are great news, but it's also important to check:
so, where does all this success comes from?
what directions are currently good?
are there a few reasons we can think of?

Let's find out!

Reason n°1:

The game and its uniqueness?

Part of our game concept teaser, actually published first in 2010.

I may be all biased on this particular reason, so I won't exactly detail this point much.

I never like to speak of anything just like: "hey it's good" :D
I think it may just sound silly to say anything like this.

The only thing to do is to commit ourself, but whether the end result is great, good, or not good enough, it's important to work 100 % on delivering a vision. I really think it's what I do, and if there is one thing I am proud of, it could be of this.

I am passionated about EXODE vision and EXODE lore, and still have tickles and feelings thinking of the immense emotional moments of evacuating citizens, saving them, and jumping to the new galaxy. This is exactly what I want to share to people.

In fact, some of you know there is a novel written about it (or actually, being written), and telling the adventures of space captains in this exact moment. If I were to rest somewhere for a few weeks, it's the novel I would want to complete.

I think EXODE has it's uniqueness because it represents a space adventure, it has atmosphere, it has some life in it, it has an immense lore... but that's only me saying a few things about it.

In fact, I was just getting started... :D
but I think any approach about quality would not be what your eyes are deserving in this article. As I mentioned, it's not the way I usually write my articles.

So I won't say "hey it's good, isn't it?" as I know the game also has numerous complications and intricacies and things to add.

I would like to detail other possible sources (in addition to the obvious regular additional traffic to HIVE, thanks to our big HIVE brother Splinterlands which kicked a..! :D).

And to restrict this analysis to EXODE a bit, and in a more scientific way. This way we could maybe extract a few directions, and see if you agree with it, or if something is missing.

First of all, please understand our assets are priced in USD - we never directly use crypto bullish runs. This is extremely important. This means "organic valuation happened already".

Also, we did not really recruit many users. This means it's not about an immense traffic bringing many new players. For the second or third time in a row, we only increased player population by just 20 % over a few weeks, and again we saw an increase valuation of more than 100 %.

This happened before. This seems to be our valuation rule, so far!
Add a few dozen people, and have a lot of valuation.
Can you imagine what will happen when we will add a thousand players? or ten thousand?

So how can this happen?

Well first, we do have a profile of great captains in our alpha (that's the way I see it :) ). But let's dig a bit into other aspects!

Reason n°2:

The game and its rich collection with numerous layers.

EXODE is a game with an alpha collection of nearly 400 different card references (counting elites) and numerous differences between them all, with Origin cards, Ships, Crew, Citizens, Installations, Software, Weapons and so on.

Our Deck Expert tool, a database tool which helps to navigate among all 389+ cards.

The game is rightfully perceived as complex at the moment, and we know our UIs and evacuation scenes need an accessibility boost!

The evacuation game scene will get upgraded again once we complete our Colonization features!

But this exact weakness - with a comprehensive collection and many utility layers - is also showing how it is also a strength in its own way.

People are buying, they are not selling.

Because people are interested in these layers and they are still collecting ; all cards are actually different and there for a purpose and a specific utility. So it's interesting to get them.

Selling would be a mistake, as it will remove your game options, and the valuation you'll get soon of beta. It's time to buy!

And we already know, people won't have a chance to continue to collect for long, because alpha collection is ending soon .

In fact, one could say people did not even begin to collect enough: some cards are minted once, some cards such as Elite Epics or Elite Legendaries will be minted only 2, 3 or 4 times. Even 8 times or 18 times would not have been enough, considering Elite cards have unique stats and powers and many many captains will like them.

How could players hope to have these, if there are only so few of these unique items in existence?

If we keep our plans of cutting booster population short (and we will), it will remain this way.

Reason n°3:

Getting special benefits in alpha.

On that part, there are numerous benefits known, such as what you gain by acquiring a contract card (Rekatron Weapon Drops, Tom Settler Premium Buddies or Syndicate sponsorship). You gain card drops every week, and these are unique to these contract cards.

Ayumi is only acquired with a Syndicate Contract or taking the drop from market. Art by @shinoxl .

Contracts are the big sellers but EXODE does not even own them. Players own them.

To ensure scarcity, we only released a few of them during presale, so the game does not aim to use its valuation for itself; but we anticipated players will use it, and that's exactly our purpose to give utility to these cards and features.

Now, they already made a x4 or x5 in value, and this makes sense, because you can acquire it, use the benefits, and then sell it later.

But there are also numerous benefits I never insisted about:

  • I did not detail yet what people gain with the planet ownership they acquire when testing,
  • I did not even share how legacy rewards (calculated at the end of your game) will be related to your cards, meaning that, special elite cards also unlock special legacy rewards.
  • I did not even release the exceptional stats of these elite cards - they already have a lot of value, but what will happen once players will see how unique they will be!
  • We are not even mentioning all play to earn options.
  • I did not even insist on EXODE other staking plans and staking benefits.

There will be staking to the world of 2325, with starbases to own (which were already planned), and evacuation fleets to stake (staking your spare ships, origins, citizens and crew members!) and to earn rewards with.

Yes, you heard it.
You will be able to put that big collection to some use.

The reason I don't heavily insist on this, is that I don't want to trigger yet "the big growth".

I am the guardian of a stable economy here, and I watch alpha distribution ; and we are having more success than planned, and we are rising fast already!

I keep my strongest and wildest announcements for later ; but people on our Discord know already, that staking is planned, that more things are coming, and possibly many new ideas never seen on blockchain; contracts were already original last year.

We haven't even been addressing most of the factions we are having!

And what's fun is that, all advantages we can think also make sense in a game sense, and also in a valuation sense for a stable economy, thanks to all our layers above.

Reason n°4:

Alpha collection ends soon.

Alpha collection from boosters is planned to end in September.

Our plan is to release colonization features before ending distribution of our alpha collection.

The last moment of our alpha collection is planned to be our WAX sale, as was announced since some time.

We swamped ourselves with work on EXODE features as we believe we must make EXODE really strong before showing it to the WAX people. This made things go a bit later than planned, but it's time to fix that.

We are planning this WAX sale for September (if authorities there allow it).
But whatever happens, alpha collection will also be limited.

In end August, we plan to make an announcement and 'cut short' the booster population already. By that we mean that we will announce a limited number of boosters left, with some units also put aside for the WAX sale.

With that, we plan to ensure good scarcity and valuation.

The exact number of boosters which will be left is unannounced yet, but will be far less than the presale value announced before, and you'll see that number of "XXX boosters left" going down!

Reason n°5:

We are priced in USD.

Now we are getting to the heart of something.
Let me explain.

First, as mentioned above, we are priced in USD, following the example of Splinterlands.

We don't use crypto bull runs, and yet we show valuation.

Please note part of this valuation is hard to consider accurate. It has been considered as an indication and information only while we are refining even the concept of a market value. So it's not exactly about the detail of this valuation (such as x3, x4, etc) but the reasons of it.

It is happening, and our USD value of a card did not go up thanks to crypto, and cannot also go down because of crypto. It only goes up from EXODE itself, when we do something right to show utility on a card, and down when something happens on this card, and of course the quality of captains interested in EXODE.

It should be reassuring, and it is :)

But there is something else.

When a game is listed in cryptocurrency instead of using the USD value, it will move up and down with that currency. So far, it still looks good: your game should contribute to making that currency grow if people are buying and not selling.

However, if the network is exposed to many other games with bots, the bots mint the currency gained and sell it. This means even if "you are" making the currency go up, numerous other games are making the currency go down. And with that, your assets value.

It also goes down when people run with the money, it also goes down when players are disappointed in other games than yours, it also goes down when creators make a listing and sell currency in big chunks, etc.

This means, if you don't price your assets in USD but price them in cryptocurrency, you become related to how other games are making their own thing, because if they do something wrong, such as being a minting scheme exposed to bots too much, then the currency won't go up that much, and your crypto-based assets will be "down-valued" with the currency going down, or at least, not making it.

For that reason, and many others, we appreciate to have made this choice of using USD to price our assets. This means that if we see a value going up, something must be good in what we do.

Reason n°6:

HIVE is strong!

This leads me to another point.

While we will not detail this point at length, HIVE is showing how solid it is as a currency and how solid it is as a blockchain. It is not harmed by the projects making it, as a currency.

And also, we can see how it's spearheading to bigger spheres and success thanks to its games and the games which inspired us... with all the latest Splinterlands news!

HIVE valuation sticks, it grows, it seems solid. Thank you HIVE, we existed just before the split, we chose you, we have been using you since the beginning, and we appreciate the solid ground which has been present ever since.

Reason n°7:

We are not pumping.

Another point is that EXODE is not a basic minting scheme. You have to play many things before you access your planet and trade your production from it. Including, right now, waiting for us to make some more features :D

We made it so to guarantee our economy remains protected, stable and dynamic.

This also means that once we will activate the "play to earn" and bring people to it, we'll have our "big growth", but by that time we will also have tested everything out of it and know it is solid.

This growth (which is expected to be mad!) could be considered as a pump time, and we know we have not pushed this button yet. This means the big increase of value is still coming!

Reason n°8:

We aim for full release.

We aim for long term - this means we don't dump our money or burn it like crazy we work on our game with confidence and we use players feedback.

Every captain knows how a Steam or Epic Games release is, and it means "players".
Another big growth time will be our full client release.

At this time, many players will get their hands on a release starter, look for cards, and jump at all these weapons and synergy options.

They won't even need to understand "its on blockchain" to play it.
We'll create their account, we'll handle their transaction, we'll do it ourselves.

That's the way we see it, and if current players see it too, then they know they don't need to understand everything about EXODE yet.

But to understand one thing, we are aiming for the skies, and we are working to get there.

Sorry for these last BIG words :D
They are important and honest, but you have to know us to know about it.
I may get carried a bit in what we are achieving already!

EXODE is discretely building up, but not so discretely if I look a these volume and chart numbers.

There are many other reasons for the good events to happen at the moment.

All this is also happening thanks to YOU, our community, which did already show so much patience, support, dedication and understanding to our longterm objectives; you know what I mean, and you know you are doing it, and supporting EXODE by being so. You are keeping our energies focused on making things happen.

Thank you pilots!

More information about EXODE can also be found on our website, our Discord, or multiple posts such as this one about our epic characters, or this trailer made by a fan, or this review or this one . A summary of latest posts and events is also here.

Also running a witness node:
You can check the post about it here and if you like what this means you can:

See you soon in eXode!

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