EXODE gives a preview of its colonization pass and next contents!

EXODE Starbase messaging all pilots!
This is a progress update: with news, roadmap, details on new features!

You can read more below!


It has been some weeks since EXODE displayed it's scanning demonstration.
A lot of work has been done since as you can guess!

So what happened these weeks?
And what is coming soon?

Please sit and have a read about our progress, our next features... such as all the details about our new free bonus with the Colonization Pass! and how this fits in our roadmap.

It's time for some news!


First of all let's explain some of our roadmap this year.

The objective of January was to demonstrate scanning first steps.

The first scanning experience was released, it proposed a new format, and actually met expectations!

The objective of February was to demonstrate colonization first steps.
This one skipped release but will be added to our next update!

Colonization first steps could not be released in February! but will be part of next release.

The objective of March was to mature colonization and deliver our first colonization routine.

Next we planned to give access to more colonization content; most of it will be part of next release as well.

January met its target, February skipped release but we still plan to meet some of our February + March expectations in our next package.

And what happens after March?
Our expectations for April are to progressively play our real decks!

Now, it looks like April will also feature some big adjustment and "catch up time" with releasing and stabilizing most of our new features. We can't do it otherwise now. So you'll have to keep up with me until all of it is there.

You can read more below about how our next release will be spread.

Once we get there, it will be the nicest package of all time for EXODE: real cards, colonization daily flow, all in the new galaxy!

And this fun will come in three packages:

  • Scanning
  • Colonization preview
  • Access to your colonization pass
  • Access to your daily task system
  • Player squadrons (making a squadron with your friends!)
  • and Player Alliances.

  • Last Elite traits
  • Leveling
  • Pre-season rewards!
  • More orders allowed in Colonization.

  • Test season fully opens (with all season rewards!)
  • You can play with all your cards!
  • We switch to Alpha 3! Last alpha seats, last tests and upgrades before getting to beta!

Also in-between, some other updates such as releasing our last legendary cards description (we'll work on revealing content on these Mysterious cards you have!) and even some alpha specific content and packs.


This is actually the expected contents of February and March together.
Package #1 is immense in features and of course, in development time.

Some of this content - the last four items, from Colonization Pass to player alliances - are beta features that we introduce in our Alpha.

You may read more about that in our last section in this article: "why do we have some beta features now?". But right now I wanted to give you some information on the colonization Pass itself.

You can access the pass preview here, live on your computer screen.

This preview is not interactive by much but you'll get a screen like this one:


I wanted to give you every section detailed right now; but PeakD already tells me this article is a 10 minutes read :O so if I can summarize:

- Colonization Pass:


You complete tasks and gain progress. This progress will unlock rewards to your account. Once all tasks are completed, this will update your Colonization Pass to the next level!

- Flashpoints:


This will open a section with all active operations.

Active operations are tasks only available for a limited time, and supposed to be daily missions. Colonization pass has tasks available for the entire season; but Flashpoints will reward the most active players!

This section may be open only at given times announced in advance, such as when a challenge is here. Players are not forced to play continuously "all the time"! :D also, once a few tasks are completed, your flashpoints section will be on cooldown.


- My Games: displays a list of all your active games and allows you to access them with a click!

- My NFTs: this section will give an overview of your entire collection. You'll see which cards you have, and which you don't have (yet)!

It will also give your net value at "last listed price"!
And a link to the player market.

And maybe also an official link to third party tools with EXODE collections, such as hive tools by @cryptoriddler.

- Alpha Uniform: this section will list all your alpha achievements in a nice medal and merits display!

- FACTIONS: every faction will be presented here, along with the faction points you scored with each.

You read that well: you will be able to score faction points with the Military, Scientific, Civilian, Drachian, Syndicate and others.

A list of all alpha factions from our Deck Expert tool. We do have some here!

The simple way to get faction points will be to equip cards of that faction and evacuate and colonize with them active and alive.

Aside from ingame quests (some questlines will be unlocked later and are granted if you have a Faction Leader) you will also gain points from activity of your cards. They shoot a looter? you gain points. They explore a region? you gain points.

Usage of faction points and last sections (services, shop, galactic news) will be covered in a next article!

Why are we getting beta features such as the colonization pass?

Are we losing time on our priorities?

There are a few things to introduce here, and the first is that beta does not happen by just selling new cards and agitating a magical wand.

You can't expect mass players to be all happy with alpha status switched to beta: it could actually lead to disaster to do it that way, such as giving a wrong opinion about EXODE.

Ok, in some projects it may happen this way :D ... just sell as many packs as possible!
But it can't be the case for EXODE. By that I mean that we can do it better!

Beta is when we will scale players, and we don't want to scale in people not happy with what we do (if we can do something).

We know we'll have a lot of work making the EXODE experience well explained and all players satisfied. And we actually want that.

Meanwhile, there also are some features which we consider mandatory for making a game addictive and played daily.

This is where our Colonization Pass, a free concept of battle pass, comes into action.

It features our next Play to Earn mechanics (we are a blockchain game so "play to earn" is of course in our DNA!) and puts more fun and content into the hands of our players.

We don't want that to be buggy, exploitable, not fun or not balanced!
We want it tested, solid, balanced as possible and fun.

This content - the reward daily task system - must be there for a beta to be in a nice shape, and must be introduced before beta for it to be tested.

That's exactly where you come, alpha pilots :)

It also gives direction. Players need freedom but also love some reference, some context, some direction in the tasks they should complete. It answers many needs. So I hope you will be pleased with it.

Meanwhile, player squadrons and alliances are the real fundations of the cooperative and fun competitive spirit of EXODE.

This is where you'll have fun with your friends, and we want beta players to call their friends to play the game, so we want to put a first shy step in this area as well.

We won't introduce "player faction features" yet or any alliance project to make your own alliance starbase (yet!) as we'll progressively get there... and this is too early :) but the first step will be declaring your alliance, recruiting and seeing who is there!

That's all pilots - I'll get back to work now :)

Oh, and I had to remove entire sections from this post as I felt I could expose to information overload; that's more details for later!


More information about EXODE can also be found on our website, our Discord, or multiple posts such as this one about our epic characters, or this trailer made by a fan, or this review or this one . A summary of latest posts and events is also here.

Also running a witness node:
You can check the post about it here and if you like what this means you can:

See you soon in eXode!

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