EXODE explains ownership, new assets, and gets its RPG part to the next level!

EXODE today releases new information about Characters, Character Perks, and the new presentation it brings to its character concepts.

Amazing new features are being part of the Away Teams update, the largest update to be deployed so far to EXODE!

All is in the video below... so you can just watch and listen!

New Elindos Record

(click on watch on youtube and use its options to see it in HD!)

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If you are not yet an EXODE captain: you can check our website and click on "More Info" for links such as our White Paper and our Game Manifesto !)

Thank you again for your amazing patience, captains!
I know we are all eager to play this!

More information about EXODE can also be found on our Discord, or multiple posts such as this one about our epic characters, or this trailer made by a fan, or this review or this one . A summary of latest posts and events is also here.

Also running a witness node:
You can check the post about it here and if you like what this means you can:

See you soon in eXode!

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