EXODE Boosters are running out - and two new video feeds!

Welcome captains!
Now this is an article packed with news and hotness!

You have two video feeds you can see today: one was our first live interview with Cryptomaniacs, and following that, we also recorded a few words today in a new video feed!

But something else is happening, and it's about our boosters.

When we recorded today there were five thousand boosters left, down from the nine thousand of yesterday.

But by the time of this writing, there are about three thousand alpha boosters only.

Boosters are disappearing by the minute!

As mentioned before, this will end alpha booster distribution from our shop.
And it's happening right now.

We did not hint about this during the interview, but some captains already with us checked the numbers, did the math, and took boosters! And we think they were right to do so!

While this is a big moment for EXODE (and we never thought they will disappear this fast when we blogged about it 10 days ago) we did define our process and published that in our blog too, 10 days ago. And we will follow that plan.

Please read below to check more about this process, and our new video feed - and the interview of yesterday!

A new video feed today!

Following the live interview with cryptomaniacs yesterday (which you can check in the section below!) I wanted to share a few more words about EXODE.

The reasoning here is that I discovered that there are just too many components in EXODE to detail, so there should also be separate feeds to zoom into specific topics.

This is because even a second interview won't allow to cover everything, and this will help in separating our information layers.

In this separate recording, I discussed:

  • legacy rewards,
  • recruitment,
  • deadlines,
  • boosters,
  • and many other things!

Including, as you will hear, something a bit crazy, but still in our "planned" box.

It does not serve much purpose to talk about it right now; and I do realize sharing that it has been in mind "for when we will break the skies" sounds... out of scope?

But then, how about giving it thought?
And knowing what happens when we hit it, after full release?

We are not working on it, but it's interesting to have 'a view' inside our thoughts.
So, what exactly is Elindos thinking about when he says "oh there are plans after release?"

Is he thinking about expansions? well that won't be a surprise.
But then, what else?

If you want to know what is crazy out there - and challenge us to do it in a few years! - well then, it's time to hit the "play" icon :)

Note: this feed is delivered "as is" without composing. The camera got a red tint from some kind of space bug, as if I were emitting from a spaceship engine room, but I thought: so be it!

'Elindos Records' is a new series aiming to be a direct relationship given to the community, without delaying programming of our next tasks by much, and getting straight into the meat of things!

It will help us target and summarize content in next interviews, too.

About these plans being shared with you all, remember EXODE is not about making money for ourselves. Funding is important to get anywhere, this is true, we are into a world which runs with it, and it's necessary to rock the world around us. And we want to rock the world around us, so the more funds to do that, the better.

But EXODE is also about breaking the big limits out there and sharing a space adventure, a thrilling moment, and an important valuation to everyone with us.

You got early? this is perfect!
You got in late? this is still okay, because: look at what's coming!

How about saying hello to the big guns some day, with creative content made on HIVE?
And sharing this to non-blockchain gamers? This is what this is all about!

We want to come to them, as a hot, sweet, amazing surprise.

Hello there guys!
This is us, and we are blockchain!

Live interview with Cryptomaniacs

Another big, big moment for us was yesterday with our first live interview with Cryptomaniacs!

We received very important questions, regarding Playtoearn, but also PVP, our PVE, Pay-to-win, VR, and so many other topics.

We were highly committed - and I spoke certainly a bit passionately! there was "no stopping the Lindos" out there! - but it was a great experience, and a turning point in how EXODE will try to present itself and assume it's numerous layers in clearer words, coming forward.

So there definitely are moments where my voice control "outpassed" my mic capture, or some french accent, but if you are okay for this wild experience, you'll get a lot of information in this video!

Check this out!


Click here to get to it and play it:

Also, don't forget to follow Jon's twitter ; @jongolson is hosting and animating Cryptomaniacs content along with @tasmaster4450le and they make a great team.

And I am actually very glad that we have a deep information media here for crypto content, so I don't say this from being hosted.

I also find their feed very fun to watch, because they always manage to insert some nice jokes when sharing deep analysis. I hope to get a bit more laid back in next interview, and air a few french jokes too (which of course, are bad, so I will restrain myself :D)

EXODE Boosters running out?!

And now let's get to another very, very important thing for today:
EXODE boosters!

There are now 2970 boosters left.
And as I mentioned, they are going down by the minute.

We were adding our new 'XXX boosters left' but then realized they may be depleted before we get this article done!

We mentioned a process some days ago on our blog:

  • we hinted that we were burning about 120k boosters, and were considering an amount of about 80k alpha boosters only reserved for EXODE shop on website.
  • of that amount, 30k will be reserved for our WAX sale.
  • this was leaving 50k for shop boosters!

At the time, this was our rough picture.
And we also mentioned that:

  • in case these boosters were going to be depleted before our WAX sale, we mentioned that we will make a public announcement (and you are reading that announcement now ;) ).
  • this last announcement will share the news to people out of our Discord, to ensure they know that "boosters are closing". This way these people are not left behind (we want to be as fair as possible).

So guys, you see it now, because it's happening. Right. Now.

  • after this announcement, shop will be closing in just a few days to give them a very fair last chance (the very last) at getting their boosters, .

So yes, it's definitely time for the last rush.

We mentioned previously 5 to 10 days to give time to people out of Discord to get their boosters ; well we consider 10 days is actually ways too much! considering how intense was the rush today! we don't think this would be respectful, we would like captains who got their boosters not to feel that other people are lingering behind.

If we imply scarcity, and if we want it, then let's get to it!

We expect many readers to come to this news tomorrow, to be honest. And boosters to be depleted by then. That's actually why we give a few last days. Otherwise, peopple would just discover they are left behind.

But we are giving people only 5 days from that date, and will close booster shop after.
This means it's closing on Tuesday, September 7th, normally around 7 PM UTC.

This may make us exceed the 80k limit a bit, but this is the only way to be open to the ones who missed the news on Discord.

In case these last days have too much success, we may remove some of the excess amount by burning some WAX boosters too (such as proposing 25k!), so as not to exceed our expected range too much.

It's time for the "end of alpha" party!

Many pilots aleady got their treasure hoard!

There is one Elite Legendary card which has still never been minted from boosters!
Who will get it first?

Note; as a reminder, following our valuation policy, WAX boosters will be sold at an increased price, which should be 3.99 USD for individual boosters and something like 3.49 USD with discounts, instead of our current 3 USD.

This price increase is coming from our regular valuation habit. We increase price with every listing, as we also increasing the 'impact' players get from their packs... thanks to more released features!

WAX sale date is unannounced. We want to send the last news to WAX authorities once we have refined our website and entry experience, for them to understand better "what is EXODE".

More information about EXODE can also be found on our website, our Discord, or multiple posts such as this one about our epic characters, or this trailer made by a fan, or this review or this one . A summary of latest posts and events is also here.

Also running a witness node:
You can check the post about it here and if you like what this means you can:

See you soon in eXode!

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