Hive gaming is booming


With Axie, Fixing their servers and splintered lands with their SPS airdrops which is going to last for 365 days., We are on day five so 360 days left and the price of SPS from the first couple of days obviously is down by half and I think that’s where it’s going to stay unless people from pancake, that are staking cake to earn SPS once they start dumping in the price is going to start dumping obviously get it while it’s still hot stake or sell up to you.

My goal for the rest of this weekend

So my goal for the rest of this weekend is to try to figure out Axie start to rent out some splintered land cards and figure it all out because people are making bank I don’t know if it’s sustainable but I’m gonna jump in and I’m going to Learn and I’m gonna Earn.

That’s it.

This in mind I will be praying and documenting on YouTube or three speak.

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