Blood of Heroes - a violent competitive video game, with many bloody battles.

Blood of Heroes - a violent competitive video game, with many bloody battles.

Battle game - Blood of Heroes, features both dual and team modes, each offering a unique and interesting gaming experience.

In Blood of Heroes, battles are fought in the arenas of a borderline world where relentless warriors clash to prove worthy of a hero's title. Start your journey to victory in a dark, medieval, and distinctly Nordic realm of fierce PvP battles in one-on-one and group modes.

You play fighting and of course you have a lot of fun doing it. Alone in honorable 1-on-1 Duels, shoulder to shoulder with your most trusted allies in merciless 3-on-3 Brawls, together with a handful of teammates in relentless 5-on-5 Dominations.

You fight 3-on-3, and this time team spirit is at least as important as your personal skill. Step onto a no man’s land and destroy the opposing trio in an overpowering, well-coordinated blow. Figure out the strongest synergies with various heroes or just triple your might if you choose to fight as three of the same hero. Outplay your opponents in three rounds to stand victorious.

You fight 5-on-5, and it is all about teamwork here. Your personal skill is not particularly important in Domination. Be of value to your team, shed blood and fight as one in a common effort, and your victory will not be long in coming. Your aim is to generate points by taking over control spots and beat your opponents.

Blood of Heroes is a free-to-play game, interested players can now register at

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