#HiveFixesThis Awareness Initiative: Rumble/Parler Edition



#Parler #Rumble has outpaced the likes of giants like #Twitter & #Youtube in recent downloads. People are fleeing web 2 censorship and looking for alternatives. We saw this coming for years and even warned of "fake" decentralized platforms with large marketing budgets acting as a honey pot to many unsuspecting new users.

One cannot own the web 3 successors to the legacy platforms. It will be a distributed system with joint ownership by all parties and platforms involved. The network will reward them with ownership appropriately and autonomously. This is the best way to go on offense against big tech.

I read a quote I liked I can't remember who it was from:

"Leaving a centralized site because of censorship only to join another centralized site that can censor you is the definition of insanity."

They know not what they do...

HIVE isn't centralized; for-profit VC funded companies like Twitter, Parler, Rumble, ETC are centralized and have large marketing budgets. As warned before, being early like we are can be frustrating. We knew platforms that offered the ability to preserve free speech will be in high demand, With the likes of Parler being the most downloaded app in the world these last weeks just proves what the market is demanding.

Good marketing can take you a hell of ways; But good marketing doesn't build a sustainable, decentralized ecosystem. VC funded projects where founders hold large portions of the shares/tokens are set up to fail. Web 3 will not be centralized it will be a distributed network with partial owners, no all-powerful gatekeepers.

What we can do is help spread the word under the #Parler + #Rumble tag and let people know they are jumping from the frying pan (quitting Twitter) straight into the fire (joining Parler).

Most people are simply unaware. The old motto; "you don't know what you have until you lose it." I always heard people say; "Most people don't care about free speech because they aren't censored themselves." Flip the script to 2020, add massive censorship and you see the results, alternative platforms are surging in usage with their centralized infrastructures baerly hanging on. As a site grows there are two options, decentralized the back-end to reduce cost or get VC funding to cover cost. Web 3 will be backed by the people, not VC funded brrrrrr fiat.

The frustration of being early and better is only in the mind. It's not about what has happened is about what is happening right now. We have superior solutions to some of the biggest problems in the world, and our biggest issue is making people aware of what we have here. That is a pretty fucking good problem to have if you ask me. So what are we going to do about it?

No one on Hive has a majority stake on Hive, no one "owns" Hive in a centralizing way, we are all partial owners and the issue with the shoulda, woulda, coulda is very real in this environment. It takes more than just the money to go the distance with what we have. We need people that are also for what the technology can solve, and the potential it has to change the world by bringing tools that provide user ownership and big tech transparency and accountability. The money will come when passion meets opportunity.

So today's mission is simple. We are not against sites like Parler or Rumble, if anything we invite them to integrate HIVE's technology so they can decentralize most if not all of their tech stack. However, when we see users tweeting out they are quitting Twitter because of "TwitterCensorship" and to solve this censorship issue decide joining Parler is the solution, are misguided, and can use some of our help.

The best way to this approach isn't to attack but to be a helping hand. Remind them that if they wish to not experience censorship, a centralized site like Parler that can censor you isn't the solution. Recommend an app built on Hive and explain why Hive offers an actual solution to preserve their free speech.

To participate:

  • Create a full post explaining why Hive (things like accounts, communities, text content, all immutable) offer a decentralized way to use social media and why that is a better solution than using a centralized site that can ban you anytime.
  • Important: So your post can be visible by curators make sure that #HiveFixesThis is one of the first four tags on your post, especially if you are posting to a community.
  • Share your Hive post link on Twitter under a popular tweet referencing Parler, Rumble or Censorship & Free Speech. Use the hashtags: #HiveFixesThis #Parler #Rumble and any other hashtag related to your post.
  • Post your tweets as comments under popular Tweets here: Parler Rumble TwitterCensorship YoutubeCensorship
  • Up your Twitter game by adding eye-catching MEME's! List here by @hiro-hive https://tenor.com/users/hiro_hive
  • Please search the #HiveFixesThis tag on Twitter and like/comment etc to help boost awareness
  • On Twitter use a URL shortener for your HIVE link, such as https://www.shorturl.at/ I am told that it helps with the Twitter censorship of Hive links. You can also track how many people click your link from sites like that.
  • Optional Bonus: When making a video, upload a short clip of it to Twitter as a teaser, and put the link in a comment under the Tweet. Videos get a lot more views if uploaded directly to Twitter, and to see the rest they will need to go to your 3speak profile.
  • Tips will be given out randomly to those using the #HiveFixesThis tag on Twitter.
  • Users with the most likes/comments on their Tweets will be eligible for additional rewards in the form of liquid Hive!

This contest will last 7 days.

Commenting and engaging with other participants is very important for this contest.

No need to comment on your entry on this post, we will be checking the tag, #HiveFixesThis https://peakd.com/created/hivefixesthis

Up to 10 posts will be voted at 100% with my TheycallmeDan account.

Video entries will also be eligible for votes from both @threespeak ontop of the TheycallmeDan votes. Video posts get 2 chances for large votes.

Even if your post is not on the Top 10 it can still be eligible for lower percentage votes.

COMMUNITY LEADERS please translate this initiative into your language for your community, and we will get with you for your help in curation.

Have ideas for future initiatives similar to this one? Reach out to @eddiespino on Twitter or on Discord (eddiespino#1698) to let him know your ideas, and he will relay them to me.

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