Let's Review the Hive Feature Film First Draft


I’ve made a couple of passes through the partial script of the Hive Feature Film. It has a working title but I think at this point I’ll avoid confusion by using it. Just in case it ends up being a different title.

As one of the reviewers there is an NDA in place so I don’t disclose specifics of the script. So, if you think I’m being too general, just remember, I need to be general in my comments.

Script Challenges Known Going In

One of the major challenges this script was going to have from the beginning was to present a story that a non-tech viewer can watch and not glaze over because of too much tech talk. The other aspect is, the chain runs on computers and a script where most of the action is on the screen, just isn’t going to be of interest.

Impressions of How the Challenges Are Addressed

I think that @killerwot has managed to overcome both the challenges. He’s avoided geting bogged down into the mechanics of how to do things on the chain. His characters give enough information the viewer will know the chain is not their average social media. They get an idea of how the voting works without getting overloaded with tech details.

The issue of the ninjamine which is so crucial to the story was another area that wasn’t going to be easy to present in a relateable way. It maybe could use some refining but we’ll see how the next pass looks.

As for avoiding too much of the need to present the screen for online activity. I think @killerwot has found a viable approach for presenting the story without having to depend on the screen.

Overall Impression of the Script to This Point

I’m liking the flow of the story at this point. The writer has taken some artistic licence with the actual details but not enough that it verrs way off track. I can see where some scenes may get a bit more flesh on later.

I’d say at this point there is enough flesh to cover the skelton of the story. We’ll know better when the draft of the balance of the script is in place and a larger picture is seen.

Right now, I’d say great work @killerwot… keep at it. It’s wonderful seeing this taking shape after the extensive preliminary work you and @thedeltron did.


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